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   July 2018

01: my health steadily improves - On a hot day during recovery from Coach Plague, I get a lot done.
02: stubbed toe at Middle Deep - A hot day and I'm feeling better, so we go to a swimming hole, where we promptly lose Neville the Dog.
03: rejected at the Tibetan Center - We end up having to take out 16 year old couches to the dump.
04: fireworks, beers, and dogs - Two beer crimes on one hot summer day.
05: retro-futuristic or not - What is the best ceiling fan for a screened-in porch?
06: a good day in July - I have a good job interview and see the Screaming Females in Woodstock.
07: musical bait and switch - What started out as some pleasant classical music in a corn field soon dissolves into George Gerswhin standards.
08: a hand holding a phone in the flip-phone era - Pizza in Woodstock with Susan and David. David regales us with storyboarding tales.
09: only had his job for five days - A recruiter with ADD at a place not called BiteClub.
10: darker sage, less blue, more opaque stain - Another day of painting and swimming in the neighbor's pool.
11: needing paint in so many planes - Painting a raftered ceiling with a roller brush.
12: the same shade as the needles of the white pines - A perfect green in the screened-in porch.
13: sleep so badly it hurt - Diphenhydramine and tech nostalgia after a day of door carpentry.
14: without the whole NuJavascript ecosystem - Going through the motions of cleaning the deck and trying to learn something about React.js.
15: last trip to Cinnamon - Hanging out with Ray and Nancy on a Sunday.
16: hangovers and jobless depression - Though hungover, I make it through a phone screen to the next step in the process of some job I probably will not get.
17: click click click zzz-zzz-zzz-zzz - The first katydid of 2018.
18: Celexa for situtational depression - It kind of works for awhile, until you start feeling sick.
19: what remained in the hole I'd filled - Gorilla Glue, sawdust, and wood chips as a filler for imperfect wood.
20: leashed drone - Figuring out how to fly a cheap drone with no instructions bought by guests when they were in China.
21: pizza and Bach in Great Barrington - Also, Gretchen gets a free bicycle.
22: never giving Brian Wilson a chance - Gretchen sees Brian Wilson in Kingston while I eat delicious sandwiches.
23: Irish breakfast for the caffeine - Switching from lapsang souchong. Also, long triangles of screen.
24: form-follows-function structure overhead - Screened-in porch is finally screened-in.
25: muffler replacement in the rain - Also: a very basic job interview.
26: refused roofing - A crate of raised seam roofing proves damaged. Also: how mufflers are sent through the mail.
27: they're called condulets - Those little boxes that help with snaking wire through conduits.
28: disappointingly low-def - Watching a DVD rip of Terminator 2. Also: I finish all the electrical work in the screened-in porch.
29: overwhelmed by entropy - Feeling the blahs but cleaning and reorganizing anyway. Also, eating an Impossible Burger in Uptown, Kingston.
30: reorganizing the scrap wood library - With so much scrap wood to put into storage, I need to go through my existing collection of wood scraps.
31: rolling back entropy is addictive - I can't stop cleaning the shop even after I make enough room for the scrap wood I need to store in it.