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   reorganizing the scrap wood library
Monday, July 30 2018
Today I finished cleaning out all the construction debris, tools, and leftover building materials from Gretchen's downstairs library and the screened-in porch, which is now finished entirely on the inside (aside from some trim slats around the north triangle-shaped screens under the roof). My attention then turned entirely to the shop area of the garage, which has been in a state of slowly-increasing (and unreversed) entropy for years (at least since 2012, though perhaps this had continued unabated since when I began the greenhouse project back in 2008). The shop had become so cluttered with random pieces of wood that walking from its east to west end had become difficult. Clearly I needed to reorganize the scrap wood "library" if I was going to be able to include the many pieces resulting from the screened-in porch project. So today I re-organized two large crap wood collections, ruthlessly consigning to firewood any pieces I had little chance of ever using. As for small seemingly-useless scraps of treated lumber, I collected those in a pile to be taken to the landfill, as I do not want to be burning those.
Meanwhile, Gretchen decided to paint the outside of the french doors that stand between her library and the new porch. She so liked the grey I'd painted on the floor that she used that for the doors, and it ended up being a very good choice. It matches the grey of the PVC electrical conduit and her desk, which Gretchen has positioned so that it looks out directly through the doors at the porch.
We discovered that one of the shaggy green carpets had cat several cat piss hot spots on it, so we dragged it upstairs and put it out on the east deck to be rained on whenever that happens next. Later I was distraught to find a feline urine hot spot on the other shaggy green carpet, but since there was no room for it on outside, I decided to clean it in place using a gallon of water and a wet vac. That actually worked really well; it certainly worked better than attempts to clean wall-to-wall carpet this way. The problem with wall-to-wall carpet is the carpet pad beneath it, which is loathe to give up whatever insults it receives.

This evening Gretchen made stew with noodles, beans, and greens. It ended up thicker than Gretchen had expected, and she seemed unusually disappointed by it. But I though it was delicious, particularly after adding a few drops of habañero sauce.

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