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Friday, July 13 2018
As you may recall, back in the winter of 2017, I replaced a set of east-facing windows in Gretchen's library with a pair of french doors that now, over a year later, open onto a porch that has not yet been screened-in. The wall through which that door passes is far out of plumb because the house itself shifted on its foundation over an inch after it was built due to drainage issues, leaning all the north-south walls in the basement eastward. I hung the doors plumb, which meant that, on the inside, the top part is further out of the wall than the bottom part. Today, the plan was to put the five-quarter trim boards (casing) around the doors on the outside (or porch-side). But to do that, I would have to cut some custom triangular pieces of wood to make the higher part of the jamb deeper than the lower part. This was all pretty straightforward work on a table saw. But then I realized that my pre-painted pieces of five quarter casing were too narrow for the task. So I had to run out to Home Depot for 5/4 by sixes that I could rip to the right size.
I managed to get pieces all cut to size and pre-painted (using very marginal white paint leftover from the last laboratory floor repainting) just before Gretchen produced another delicious meal of pasta with pesto sauce with a fried tofu crumble. We ate that while watching an episode of Barry, and then Gretchen headed off to Rosendale to see a movie with friends.

I've been battling some light depression lately related to the relative fruitlessness of my job search. It certainly helps to stay busy. So after Gretchen left, I installed all the casing, using enormous amounts of caulk to fill in unsightly gaps between all the custom-cut pieces of wood. Once that was done, all I could thing to do was take 75 milligrams of diphenhydramine and watch tech nostalgia YouTube programming until I wanted to sleep so badly it hurt.

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