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Monday, July 23 2018
Today was so rainy that Gretchen didn't really get out of bed until something 2:00pm. I jokingly asked her about "rainy days that are also Mondays," and her reply was that neither got her down. Indeed, the rain contributed to a pleasant cozy-cabin vibe, good for reading and solving puzzles.
I switched to Irish breakfast tea today so as to have a better trickle dose of caffeine. A few things seemed to suggest progress in my job hunt, which had me feeling better, though I'd occasionally lapse into the funk I've been in of late.
At some point when the rain let up, I measured and cut two long, narrow right triangles of screen to close in the gap between the lower screens and the roof on the north and south ends of the screened-in porch. These triangles were each nine feet long and about 22 inches wide at the widest. Installing them proved easier than expected, even on the south end where I had to do it from atop a ladder outside the porch. The north one was much easier, since the arrangement of rafters there dictated that it be installed from the inside of the porch.

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