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Wednesday, March 27 2024
At this point with my remote control software I've been writing, at least the part that goes on a microcontroller, I've run out of things to do. I tried implementing a feature to read the internal temperature of the ESP8266 in cases where no external sensor is connected. This would be of dubious utility, since the microcontroller generally runs a good bit warmer than its environment. But then it turned out that this "feature" has supposedly been discontinued and is not available on more recent ESP8266s. What I did get to work was "deep sleep mode," which completely shuts the microcontroller down except for its timer for a specified number of microseconds. In this mode, it uses a miserly 20 microamps of power. So I added a feature where the microcontroller can go into deep sleep mode once every cycle of the main loop for a specified amount of time. For some remote temperature probe running on a battery, this could be very useful.
Later this evening I migrated the code so that it would run on a more advanced ESP32 microcontroller, and it worked great there except for one minor featuring involving the extraction of strings from JSON.

This afternoon, I took the dogs with me as I ran some errands. After dropping off some tax forms with our accountant on Albany Avenue, I went to Home Depot mostly just to buy an electric space heater to remotely turn on at the cabin whenever there is extra sun energy. But they'd put all their space heaters away for the season and could only had a few in overstock that looked like mini steam radiators. It was $60 and not really what I wanted. Later, though, when I saw one at the Tibetan Center thrift store, I decided I should get it (that plus a uninterruptable power supply came to less than $10). Before going to the Tibetan Center, I went to Adams Fairacre Farms mostly to get supplies for making pizza. They sell pre-made pizza dough, something I knew about because that was how Gretchen made my birthday pizza.

Back at the house, I made a fairly successful pizza using that dough, a whole 14 oz can of pizza sauce, mushroom, onions, spinach, Violife mozzarella "cheese," and slices of fresh tomato, and it only needed about ten more minutes in the oven after Gretchen got home from her bookstore shift.

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