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Tussin Adventures in Charlottesville

These are links to stories of recreational tussin abuse in Charlottesville Virginia, a town now famous for the practice. The active incredient in tussin is Dextromethorphan hydrobromide, a water-soluable salt akin in certain respects both to LSD and PCP. Tussin is, in my experience, the most powerful over-the-counter mind altering drug.

the Big Fun era

Das Dafino's Diary and Intro to Tussin DM
(late November, 1995) - a former resident of the house now known as Big Fun kept a diary, and it is discovered in a pile of debris in a reforesting field. Later, Big Funsters drink Tussin DM for the first time since the establishment of Big Fun.

Tussin and a Weird Social Mix
(early December, 1995) - a Nazi skinhead, some teenage girls, a cheesy speed metal guitarist, a skater punk, and a Charlottesville underground author/publisher all rendezvous with Big Funsters for Dextromethorphan-enhanced social chaos.

Spontaneous Actual Tussin Occurrence
(mid-December, 1995) - Dextromethorphan ingestion in rural Virginia.

the post-Big Fun era

August 06 1996
tussin' and tubing down the James River.

September 25 1996
tussin' at Warren Wilson College.

October 16 1996
tussin' in a Malvern hot tub.

November 27 1996
tussin' solo with friends at Raphæl and Ana's house.

March 02 1997
tussin's effects on painters and models.

March 08 1997
post-industrial tussin trip to the Rivanna River.

March 23 1997
weirdness abounds (Alchemist of the Surreal and a lunar eclipse viewed while on tussin).

June 28 1997
solo tussin adventure.

September 28 1997
the dry white spirit of tussin (Dextromethorphan powder).

October 06 1997
solo dextromethorphan adventure.

October 18 1997
JPA Dextromethorphan adventure (the house in the bamboo thicket).

October 19 1997
a weak tussin powder experience, complete with an anomalous erection.

December 13 1997
experimenting with dextomethorphan freebase from "Sucrets in a Bag."

January 04 1998
tussin in Malvern (at Balled Andy's Garage).

February 09 1998
tussin in the long room (where the teenage girls hang out with old men).

June 10 1998
tussin' with Deya (discovery of its effect on a bar experience).

July 7 1998
tussin' in Ann Arbor with gel-caps.

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