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March 22, 1994

The Editor
The News Virginian
P.O Box 1027
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980

Dear Editor:

We in the pro-life, anti-death movement are heartened by the candidacy of Oliver North for Virginia's hostage Senate seat. Last fall, we won a major victory with the election of George Allen, who has endorsed our agenda to rid this Commonwealth of the scourge of abortion by a strategy of legislation aimed at unrighteous women with sinful thoughts that would have them consider murderous procedures. Though we are making good progress in this state, with bills on prayer in the school and abortion waiting periods gaining ground, there have been some setbacks. The Field of Blood in Fishersville has been routinely vandalized by Chuck Robb's evil followers, Oliver North has been criticized by a formerly Godly former president, acts of satanism and unbelief have proliferated, and perhaps most disturbing, use of contraception has accelerated. While abortion is a singular act of evil and should be treated as capital murder, contraception must also be criminalized since it represents a distrust in Almighty God. He who would place anything between God and Marriage hath sinned. The fear of overpopulation is ludicrous. The entire population of the Earth could recline comfortable within the area of Augusta County. One must be fruitful and make a man of every seed planted. Those who would teach or practice otherwise should be imprisoned at the very minimum.


Gus Mueller

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