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satire of the Gus

This is some satirical writing I have done through the years.

A bogus AP story about a supposed tour of an insecticide plant. Full of all the requisite gushy writing that local papers so adore. Also a poll about the popularity of bunnies, snakes and spiders.

A sequel to the above story. A follow-up tale of challenge, crisis and redemption at the Bugicide Plant.

Bogus AP article about a supposed Lawn Mowing Deprivation Study. Suburbanites go nuts when kept from mowing their lawns in a University of Chicago psychology experiment.

Bogus AP article about a machine that yields abundant free clean energy. An obscure tinkerer saves the world.

Bogus AP article about the supposed Fathers of Lost Children Society. Men guilty about their dead sperm found a support group.

A Flyer Against Witchcraft. I was somewhat inspired by the rash of people claiming to be recovering memories of childhood abuse.

Nuclear Cleanup Volunteer Form. Before the big accident comes, wouldn't it be handy to have a registry of people who have volunteered to help clean it up?

Anti-Spam Hoax. I posted a fake spam in rec.music.filk and received some responses from a number of idiots.

Nicekid Hoax. I set up a fake eight year old internet personality and amuse myself in several places.

How Cocaine helped me improve my GPA. The tale of a remarkable biology student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Archive of Right Wing Letters to the Editor Written by the Gus. Rural Virginia is full of right wing crazies, but none as crazy as this. Most of these letters were actually published.

Assorted odd things:

(I learned during the course of these special web pages both how to take advantage of stories in the news and how to exploit the weakness people have for examining pages they find linking to their pages in their referral logs.)

Clone Applewhite Now! - dude couldn't reproduce himself.

Just Do It! - Nike implicated in the mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Michæl McDermott Homepage (the guy who shot up his dotcom because of his tax troubles.)

Homepage of the Trench Coat Mafia.

Homepage of the Lobster Liberation Front.

Homepage of the guy who walked into a Georgia day trading firm and opened fire.

Homepage of the guy who walked into a Texas Baptist church and opened fire.

Kennedy Plane Evidently Sabotaged.

Y2K Emergency: Matt must get laid before the end of the millennium.

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