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The Need for Nuclear Reactor Cleanup Volunteers

Following the Chernobyl reactor explosion of April, 1986, the dangerous work of consolidating ejected reactor core materials and sealing up the contaminated reactor fell to firemen and soldiers who participated out of ignorance of their peril in concert with powerlessness to resist the full weight of the totalitarian Soviet regime. It is feared that in this country, where knowledge of the hazards of radiation is more widespread, and where mandatory servitude is somewhat less easy to obtain, that a similar disaster will not be met with the necessary cleanup and containment activities, resulting in widespread environmental damage in addition to that caused by the initial emergency. Thus it has been decided that cleanup personnel (termed "Biorobots" in the Chernobyl disaster) should volunteer before they are needed so they can be located and mobilized as soon as possible during a nuclear power reactor emergency. A list of such volunteers will be kept here at the American Nuclear Reactor Emergency Volunteer Registry (ANREVR), with a periodically updated list to be sent to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

Below is the form to fill out for those who wish to become standby nuclear reactor emergency cleanup volunteers. It is hoped that those among us who wish to keep nuclear power facilities in operation will demonstrate their devotion (even heroism) by adding their names to our list so as to buttress the claim that there is a dedication to safety and a clean environment among the supporters of nuclear power.

Pre-Accident Nuclear Reactor Emergency Cleanup Volunteer Form

I, the undersigned, before two witnesses and before God, do hereby volunteer to aid in the cleanup, containment, decontamination, evacuation, sanitation, and whatever other actions are needed at, within, on top of, beside, underneath, near, or related to a nuclear facility during an emergency at such a facility, for as long as the duration of the emergency, or until I am physically unable to continue any such work. I shall not hesitate, procrastinate, deviate or delegate in any job assigned to me during the course of such an emergency. I will inform the American Nuclear Reactor Emergency Volunteer Registry (ANREVR) should I change address after registering, and I will immediately depart for my assignment should I be called upon for services required of me by my signature of this form. I realize that if I fail to meet obligations outlined in this form, I may be legally required to share in the financial liability of any nuclear facility that experiences an emergency.

name (please print)____________________________________________________

home phone(_____)___________________work phone(_____)__________________
Please return this form to The American Nuclear Reactor Emergency Volunteer Registry

Gus Mueller, Registrar
Route 1, Box 250
Staunton, VA 24401-9617

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