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November 19, 1994

The Staunton Leader
P.O. Box 59
Staunton, Va. 24401

Mr. Editor:

Sound the trumpets! The evil Democrats have gone down to a resounding defeat and a new age of Christian family values begins. Even the husband of the Devil, in the guise of our president, has made noises in support of the Godly agenda of compulsory Christian school prayer, which is essential to the moral health of the nation.

It seems likely that the Godly agenda can be furthered to its logical conclusion, and this should make all morally pure Christian Americans praise the lord. Hopefully the Republicans can finally illegalize the satanic doctrine of evolution and banish it from our schools. Children caught espousing Darwinist heresy should be paddled until they recant. Further still, the blasphemy of a round world, as exemplified by the spherical globe, should be flushed from our schools and the Biblical doctrine of a flat square earth with four corners should be taught to our truth-starved youth. Other Tom-foolery, such as the notion that the Earth is more than 6000 years old, should be exposed as the hoaxes they are.

True, Oliver North, the closest man to Christ alive today, was cheated of his rightful role as Senator. But once the new Contract For America is established, I have no doubt only righteous Christians will dare run for office. Then America will finally assume her rightful role.


Gus Mueller

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