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January 17, 1995

Daily News Record
231 Liberty
Harrisonburg, Va. 22801

Dear Editor:

I just want to take the opportunity now to express my sincere and complete support for Dr. Ronald Carrier, President of James Madison University. I have heard Him criticized for being everything from Redneck to Philistine, from Ego-maniac to Practitioner of Nepotism. I think these criticisms are unjust and a little unfair. We should remember that here is a Man who stands proudly for our American flag as no one but perhaps Oliver North ever has. On my wall is a life-sized portrait of Dr. Carrier that I spent a great deal of money for, and every time I gaze upon it, respect wells up into my eyes and I start to cry.

First of all, I think Dr. Carrier is more than justified for abolishing the University's Physics program. Knowledge of Physics is essentially useless once you have figured out where an apple will go once released from a tree. If only He would go further and abolish the Biology program, where the satanic doctrine of evolution is taught, and the Studio Art department, where blasphemous images are created by spoiled young atheists, but I know the communists in the faculty would surely string Him up if He did!

Secondly, Dr. Carrier is entitled to appoint any from His genetically outstanding family for any office He sees fit. This is not nepotism, just good administration.

Finally, any flap raised over His having a library named after Himself while he is yet alive and president should have died down by now. Dr. Carrier should be able to have every building on campus named after Himself if He sees fit.


Gus Mueller

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