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The Editor

Oberlin Review
Wilder 318, Box 90
60 South Pleasant
Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Dear Editor,

As a professional arborist, I was recently present on Oberlin College campus to see what old trees should be replaced with young Bradford Pears, and I made a startling observation regarding certain individuals of the student body at your College. I saw more than one pair of women walking about holding one anothers' hands, and what was more, several were wearing teeshirts having dual symbols of Venus connected as though these symbols were bracelets in a handcuff. Now I could be mistaken, but this seems to indicate the blatant practice of sodomy, at least among certain women, on your campus. I don't know how authorities in Ohio deal with such an outrage, but here in Virginia, sodomy is taken very seriously. The mere suspicion of sodomy is met with a search warrant and its lightening quick execution by police. Hopefully, after we elect Oliver North to the Senate, such a policy will be practiced at a Federal level, including in Ohio.

It has always mystified me as to what exactly it is that lesbians do when together alone in bed. It would seem that two women would lack --let me put this gently-- the necessary equipment to entertain one another. And further more, God's mandate requires that any act of sexual intercourse be open to the possible blessing of children. When two women perform sodomy on one another, there can be no such blessing, only the damnation of eternal hellfire.

Let me take this opportunity to let the women whom I observed let me know if I possibly misconstrued their actions or tee shirts. If so, I will humbly withdraw this letter. Otherwise, I urge the Security apparatus to crack down swiftly on this problem and bring some morality to Oberlin College.


Karl Mueller

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