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April 25, 1994

Daily News Record
231 Liberty
Harrisonburg, Va. 22801

Dear Editor:

Recently I experienced a change of heart with respect to my stance on the death penalty. I had been perhaps the single greatest supporter of George Allen's public executions proposal, perhaps with a view towards public beheadings and stonings in the near future. However, I have come to the opinion that today's criminals are too good for these mere humiliations.

Now I find myself in support of secrecy in the justice system. I do not believe court records should be made public, and I think the fact that someone is a prisoner should also be kept secret. And when a prisoner is executed, the body should be discretely disposed of with information of this fact being disclosed only to proper authorities. Criminals are so evil that to deal with them effectively requires secrecy so as not to arise the compassion of the public.

While in prison, prisoners should be kept perhaps a dozen to each cell, with a cold shower permitted every week. Monthly, ten lashes (or more, if the prisoner has not behaved) with a ratan cane would be applied to each prisoner's buttocks.

I feel Oliver North is the only Senate candidate to understand the grave nature of today's crime problem, and the only candidate likely to support these necessary changes, and so I fervently support him.


Gus Mueller

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