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August 9, 1994

The Staunton Leader
P.O. Box 59
Staunton, Va. 24401

Mr. Editor:

I too was very disturbed when I read about the vandalism of those Bradford Pears so generously planted by VDOT on the beautiful, if somewhat narrow, Middlebrook Avenue approach. I have loved Middlebrook Avenue ever since VDOT cut down those ugly old oaks at Eaver's Excavating. I remember rejoicing to see those gnarled monstrosities fall; I'd long suspected the trees of being the shrines of a secret pagan cult. Bradford Pears are one of the very few trees I enjoy seeing: they are symmetrical, European, have beautiful pollen-free flowers and they don't make messy fruits that mess up the tires of my nice shiny car. I only wish more of our old ugly trees could be replaced by these beauties. The way I see it, they are sort of the Oliver Norths among trees: there are not enough of them, they are honest and upright, and they are subject to increasing underhanded attack.


Gus Mueller

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