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October 31, 1995

The Editor
The Staunton Leader
P.O. Box 59
Staunton, Va. 24401

Dear Mr. Editor:

[Please note, I prefer the use of "Valley" without Shenandoah in front of it, just like in Frank Nolen ads.]

Oh what a glorious time of the year it is! On November 7th, we in the Valley will have so many choices, and I'm sure many are interested in what vote I will be casting. I will weigh in on only one race, that between Hanger and Nolen. These two candidates are so different that they are almost like night and day. Both have taken courageous stands on all the controversial issues such as whether there should be more jobs, the existence of God, the sanctity of the American Flag, and toughness visa-vis criminals. And they are both at the cutting edge of patriotism. No doubt they both support bringing Christian prayer, creationism, and flat world geography back to our schools. Thus, despite their enormous differences, I endorse them both. Either will serve us well in our goal of maintaining the morals of the fifties while obtaining the jobs of the 21st century.

The only pitfall attendant is the anti-Valley presence of the Green party (represented by Sheffield in the Senate race). The Green party should be criminalized and its members rounded up and imprisoned. Will these Greens not see that, what with all the Adopted Highways and Bradford Pear plantings, there is no longer any need for an Endangered Species Act, a Clean Water Act, or a Clean Air Act? Without its looking like Newark, New Jersey, it is doubtful that the Valley will ever be prosperous. Only with the leadership of men like Hanger and Nolen can the complete industrialization of the Valley proceed.


Gus Mueller

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