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September 26, 1994

The Staunton Leader
P.O. Box 59
Staunton, Va. 24401

Mr. Editor:

Gunter's discussion of vandalism in September 25's Leader was deep and thought provoking, but I think it lacked a view of the bigger picture. Vandalism may be the actions of the brutish and juvenile among us, but it is also the manifestation of Liberalism.

The way I see it, an unvandalized city is ringed with convenient shopping malls, car dealerships and fast food restaurants, an unvandalized road is six lanes wide and blessed with young Bradford Pear trees on both sides (each with a grassless patch of brown at its base), an unvandalized forest is managed correctly and consists of a patchwork of clearcuts, an unvandalized swamp is improved and made into a parking lot, an unvandalized act of love results in a baby, an unvandalized Senate includes Oliver North as a member, an unvandalized flag is not burnt, and an unvandalized military contains neither sodomites nor unbelievers.

Liberals would and do vandalize every aspect of the aforementioned utopia, and that is why they are not only beneath contempt, but worthy of confinement.


Gus Mueller

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