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Habib-the name Matthew Hart has affectionately given to the ID that "proves" he is old enough to buy alcohol. Almost all merchants who ask Matthew for an ID accept Habib (who is a Cancer; conjuncting Matthew's rising sign). The Market Street Wine Shop, however, laughed in Matthew's face the one time he whipped out Habib there. As for liquor stores; they are much more fussy about IDs, thus Matthew resorts to older friends with more legitimate IDs whenever he wants to drink liquor.

Haffenreffer-a kind of malt liquor that comes in big 32 oz bottles. It tastes a little like Mickey's, though it is usually a bit less expensive. After any long well-attended evening at Big Fun, one can expect a number of quarter-full bottles of Haffenreffer to be living a second life, that of ash tray. Haffenreffer is also referred to as "Private Stock."

Shira often sings a Beastie Boys song that refers to a "Haffenreffer Ale" though there is no such product. The Beastie Boys took poetic license with the Haffenreffer trademark and tacked "Ale" on the end so they could rhyme it with the next line, which is "I got nothin' to do so I'm pissin' on the third rail."

handbrake turn-with origins in arcane police training and passing into the cultural knowledge of Big Fun through the unique driving style of Zachary, this method of effecting extremely tight turns at high speeds is generally known only to those who find it necessary to outrun the police on occasion. Just prior to beginning the turn, the driver yanks up on the hand brake, which locks up the rear wheels and allows them to slide in a circle around the front wheels, which serve as a rolling pivot. Hopefully the car assumes the intended new direction. To bring off a handbrake turn, timing is the most important factor, and cannot be expected to develop without practice.

One of the drawbacks to the handbrake turn is that it attracts considerable attention to a car. On Saturday, June 8th, 1996, in Malvern, PA, Matthew Hart's deployment of the handbrake turn to make a right on to Johnny Boom Boom's street made such a squeal of rubber that a housewife, then attending to a family barbecue, ran past her children screaming "You can't drive like that on this street!" to which a suddenly humbled Matthew Hart readily agreed.

hanging munchkin-supposedly in the Wizard of Oz, there is a scene in which one can, if one looks carefully, detect a suicidal actor hanging by the neck from some part of the set. This actor was one of the dwarves who played the role of a munchkin; apparently he became upset about something and was unable to go on with life. Legend has it that when the hanging munchkin was discovered by the people filming the Wizard of Oz, it was the decided that since the movie had cost so much the editors should simply leave the scene in, hanging munchkin and all, for us kids of the 90s to enjoy with the aid of our slow-motion/pause button VCRs. Unfortunately, no one at Big Fun has ever actually found the hanging munchkin, though there was a snowy period in January when he was extensively searched for, frame by frame.

hang out-to chill. "Hanging out" is also used as a euphemism for being involved in a sexual way with someone. For example, if I were to say "Sara Poiron is hanging out with Nathan VanHooser these days," almost anyone overhearing me would assume that some sort of dreadful torrid affair were happening, and that the damage had already been done.

Interestingly, there is no word in the Big Fun language for a sexual relationship; there are only words for sexual acts. People at Big Fun resent being defined in terms of other people. Besides, almost all social connections in the Big Fun environment are in a constantly undefinable state of flux.

hangover-the unhealthy feeling that comes the morning after a night of alcohol consumption. During hangover, the feelings are opposite those that come with the drinking of alcohol. Instead of the low pulse rate and slow reaction time that accompanies alcohol consumption, with hangover, the pulse races along shallowly while there is a desire to get up and do things (for many, though, after falling prey to such a desire, it is not uncommon to be overcome by nausea). Unlike the drunken feelings of omnipotence and disregard for others, someone who is hungover is filled with regrets about stupid things they have done, particularly those things done the night before. Such feelings may drift into paranoia.

Some beverages result in worse hangovers than others. The abuse of vodka and expensive beer leads to the most manageable of hangovers, whereas overindulgence in tequila, malt liquor and red wine often result in horrible hangovers (see "tequila").

hard core (1)-a form of punk rock that is particularly simple, fast and abrasive, with a small but devoted following. Typically the vocals are screamed and unintelligible, though they frequently give voice to strong political sentiments, the bass is played with a pick and is clear and tonal while the guitar forms a dynamic, often atonal, texture of sound. This term has been subverted of late by the fact that such traditional hard core bands as Bad Religion have signed up with major record labels and been played on mainstream rock and roll radio.

hard core (2)-especially devoted to a cause. For example, when Deya and Matthew Hart carved their names in each other's flesh, they were being hard core about something, though exactly what they were being hard core about remains a mystery.

Harkness-the name of the dormitory where the Gus lived as a college student in Oberlin, Ohio between Fall 1986 and Spring 1989 and for brief periods ever since. Harkness is a student run residential/vegetarian-dining co-operative, and things are almost as chaotic there as at Big Fun, except that, unlike at Big Fun, there are weekly health inspections at Harkness.

Typically Harkness society is fragmented along a line that separates idealistic temperate types from hedonistic drug abusers. Within the hedonist community, there is another a fault line that divides the punk rockers who fuck shit up from the immobilized hippies who speak up for the rights of punk rockers to do so.

The Gus was kicked out of Oberlin College after he allowed his room in Harkness to catch on fire in April, 1989. Since that time he has had to sneak around Oberlin College and particularly Harkness in fear that his enemies (he always has a few enemies in the idealistic temperate camp) will call campus security on him.

Some people from Two Point Five Children, Dennis for example, have stayed in Harkness as houseguests.

have you noticed the birds?-this is a mysterious rhetorical question posed now and then by Jessika in her strangely distracted "other-worldly" voice. Birds symbolize a force in nature greater than ourselves since they can fly though we, without a great deal of effort, obviously cannot.

In Malvern can be found an oil painting by Jessika which she calls "Have you noticed the birds?" In this painting, before a glowing ominous sky, zillions of stark black bird silhouettes are taking off and landing in a sublime display that suggests we have no control over the natural irrational forces that govern the universe.

hay bale-several of these constitute the only real features in the fields in front of Big Fun. They are shaped like cinnamon rolls and have a tendency to catch fire every now and then.

head butt-for someone to hit another in the head with his own head. This is normally done as an aggressive act; occasionally it is done with a great deal of force. Unlike punching, however, head butting exacts injury on the aggressor often equal to that exacted upon the victim.

Morgan Anarchy is fond of acting on his aggressive impulses by means of the head butt. On the evening of Friday, June 21, 1996, his animosity towards Noah, King of the Punk Rock Dolls, built to such a level that, unprovoked, he assaulted him with a severe headbutt that left Noah's forehead gushing blood.

Head to toe-leather-the name given by Jessika to a Miller's employee who has longish blond hair and wears short dresses while functioning as a waitress (so as to get better tips; most of them do). The name "Head to toe-Leather" (HTTL) stems from a conversation witnessed by Jessika between HTTL and Nicole the Gemini during which HTTL claimed she had at one time been unrecognizable in her "short jet black hair, wearing head to toe leather."

At one time HTTL was functioning as the kissy-face girlfriend of Sean the Big Haired guy (a familiar Charlottesville personality). The two were often seen arm in arm, always verging on a public display of #@!#*~!@. Together they planned to host a big regional Woodstock-type event for gays and lesbians. Whether this event will ever happen or not is not known to me.

heavy metal-a typically 80's style of music that features most of the characteristics of classic rock but with louder, more distorted guitars, ominous and driving rhythm, and screaming vocals about subjects such as drug use, war, religion, and problems with girlfriends. Most heavy metal bands also write sappy love ballads that find their way into mainstream radio play lists.

Heavy metal emerged in the late 60s mostly from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Such bands tended to be "hard" in that they succeeded in torturing parents in ways that the Beatles just couldn't, but in most respects they were very different from one another. Later, bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden added to the genré as it expanded into and borrowed from pop. This culminated in the late 80s diversification of heavy metal into several completely different branches. There were the blues-based big haired glam metal bands such as Great White and Mötley Crèw that sang exclusively about babes, there were the attitude bands like Guns 'n' Roses who also sang about babes (with an emphasis on how easy they are to get into bed), there were the dark and mysterious alternative metal bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden that avoided glamour and sang about angst and other water sign issues, there were the bands like Living Colour, Fishbone and Faith No More that were either black or borrowed from rap and soul culture, and there were the fast bad asses like Slayer and Metallica that sent many a parent in search of an exorcist.

Heavy metal has historically required one thing of its performers: long hair. Thus most heavy bands today try to defy this convention and cut their hair, contributing to the common view that heavy metal is dead. With the rise of hard "alternative" music and speed metal and the end of the optimistic 80s, conventional hard rock, heavy metal and glam metal have largely faded into musical obscurity, with the exception of ærosmith and AC/DC, dinosaurs that surely must soon go extinct.

heavy-metal salute-a gesture made with a hand that looks like a fist with the pinky and forefinger raised (allegedly to resemble the horns of the devil). Like all positive hand gestures, the heavy metal salute is made with the palm facing outward. The heavy-metal salute can mean lots of things, but usually it implies generic approval for someone, especially if this someone is behaving in an outrageous manner or performing hesher music. The Gus and Matthew are also known to use the heavy-metal salute for entirely sarcastic intent. If one is especially enthusiastic, one can use both hands to give two heavy-metal salutes simultaneously.

henceforth-from now on. Usually used while making an important proclamation, such as when changing the name of something.

hesher-this is a Philadelphia-area term used to describe someone who listens to metal or thrash music. It is short for "Hessian"-that is, that sort of reliable German troop the American colonies so depended on to win the American Revolution.

In addition to being a musical interest, hesher is also a style, one featuring acid-washed pants, long hair on both boys and girls, denim or leather jackets covered with band names and pictures of hostile skulls of dead people and beasts. The girls usually give themselves a heavy application of mid-80s-style makeup after bleaching and perming their hair.

hesher hand-this is Shira's term for the left hand, used to make the "heavy metal salute". Heshers reserve the right hand for the far more important task of holding the beverage of their choice.

Prior to his attending an Ozzy Osborne concert, Brandon of Two Point Five Children had tattooed black lightening bolts onto the pinky and index finger of his left hand so they could be seen at the concert where, he anticipated, he would be making extensive use of the heavy-metal salute.

hey ho-the way the Gus focuses the attention of his airy friends. Having more earth than air in his astrological chart, the Gus can at times seem as well grounded as the Pegger. This term has its origins in the song by the Ramones entitled "Blitzkrieg Bop."

hey you guys-the way the Pegger grabs the attention of air signs such that their focus can be directed to mundane concerns that need to be dealt with.

Higher Grounds-a hole-in-the-wall coffee stand on the corner behind Baja Bean, it is also a good source of paper cups when one wants to drink vino in public nearby. There is also a newer and much larger Higher Grounds at York Place across from Miller's on the Downtown Mall.

Some of the employees at Higher Grounds tend to be cranky, and when someone asks them for favours such as free paper cups or the opportunity to look at the phone book, they have a tendency to snap and say things like, "okay, but this is the last time!" Matthew Hart had a bad episode with one especially loathsome and balding Higher Grounds employee and ended up deriding his baldness with lines such as, "you might as well give it up; you're going bald!" and "you're just upset because your girlfriend doesn't want to be seen with a washed up old bald guy like you!" After this confrontation Matthew was added to the short list of people no longer allowed into Higher Grounds.

The very trendiest of all coffee shop customers get their coffee at Higher Grounds; on warm Saturdays, one can always expect to see numerous examples of body piercings among the sunglass-wearing cool people who frequent the place. When they get caffeine there, the molecular diagram for the drug they are seeking can be found at right.

hill-billy handkerchief-see "farmer's blow." Hill billies are known for their poverty and uncouth acts, and it is thus not surprising that they are sometimes credited for this peculiar act of elimination. The Gus first heard the term "hill-billy handkerchief" in Oberlin in the late 80s.

hip-conforming well to the standards or the style in ones peer group. This is different from cool in that someone not acting hip may well be cool since it is cool for certain charismatic people to break with the existing orthodoxy. If someone is originating a new paradigm of hip for others to follow, they obviously cannot conform with existing standards.

hippie-someone who is crunchy. Hippies are not regarded with automatic disdain at Big Fun, even if some of their practices and music are. Shira has even said that she would like to have a hippie boyfriend some day, despite Sara's cautions against it. Sara has horror stories to tell about hippie boyfriends and the horrible Grateful Dead bootlegs she has had to endure. What's more, she adds, "It's not just [your hippie boyfriend], it's their friends too, with their girlfriends and their bootlegs."

hit on-to suggest to another, usually discretely, either verbally or nonverbally, that some sort of sexual activity should take place either forthwith or in the near future.

hitch hike-for a pedestrian to solicit rides from motorists as they drive by, usually employing the well-understood gesture of a fist with an extended thumb. On long journeys or when the motorists could be going many unhelpful places, it often also useful to hold a very legible sign upon which the name of the destination has been printed in large letters.

Hitch hiking is widely regarded as extremely hazardous for both the hitch hiker and the people foolish enough to pick up hitch hikers. But this view is probably largely the result of the sensational media culture that alerts the world whenever a hitch hiker turns out to be an axe murderer but keeps quiet about the many unperilous hitch hiking adventures that happen each day. It is true that hitch hiking is probably much less safe for women and blacks than it is for white men. But even so, Jessika does a fair amount of hitch hiking and she has no horror stories to tell.

In fact most hitch hiking stories are full of amazing acts of kindness: endless Budweisers and fat joints, free food, a place to crash at night, and even, in the case of the Gus, a one-week all-expense-paid vacation in Québec. That the people who pick up hitch hikers prove to be so kind shouldn't really be all that surprising; the vast majority of people do not pick up hitch hikers, so the few who do are likely to be the most generous people in our society.

The Scottsville punks, what with their always-sketchy transportation situation, make ample use of hitch hiking to go into Charlottesville and back. That Morgan Anarchy usually has his hair spiked doesn't seem to adversely affect his luck too much. Jessika has the best luck of anyone; she even catches rides to Scottsville from strangers driving by on the Corner. Being Jessika, of course, she has had weird experiences that have involved her being quizzed about the number of her body piercings and whether she is "[a prostitute] working the Corner." But she's never been threatened or even harassed.

ho-a girl (or sometimes a boy) who has sex often with many different partners, usually ones not known very well. None of the girls at Big Fun could be considered hos by any stretch of this definition.
He's my little shit.
Hoagie, a painting by the Gus, Dec. 1994

Hoagie-what the Gus calls his mother.

hook up-to provide for. If Raphæl, for example, drives the Gus to his out-of-gas Punch Buggy Green and gives him some fuel such that the Gus can drive the car out to Big Fun (this scenario has actually happened) then it can be said "Raphæl hooked up the Gus."

horns-sinuous, hard secretions of the skin on the heads of certain animals, particularly ruminates. Often used as a weapon. The Vikings did not adorn their helmets with the horns of dead animals; this is just a myth perpetuated by the weak peoples pillaged by the Vikings to make the Vikings seem somehow satanic.

Horns are also a sort of musical instrument, but the Gus much prefers the first definition of this term.

horse face-an elongated face having a distinctive snout, particularly in a creature not normally given to developing a snout. There are people who have qualities of a horse face in their appearance, and it is never attractive. The same applies for cats.

Senovia, as a kitten, was unfortunate enough to possess a horse face, and the term came to be a nick name for her. Subsequently, as she matured, she developed cheeks and her snout was gathered more into her head such that she became a much more appealing cat.

house-a sector of an astrological chart whose position depends on the rising sign. There are twelve houses in all, and under the most common house system, the Placidus, the houses vary in size. The placement of heavenly bodies within the houses determines in what part of life their influences will act upon. The first house begins at the ascendant and is ruled by Aries (naturally); it is the part of life dealing with the establishment of identity. If ones ascendant lies near the cusp of Aries and Pisces then the houses will be in their natural order with their ruling signs in the heavens, and this will double the effects of heavenly bodies. See "natural sign." Other interesting houses include: the 4th, ruled by Cancer, which relates to imagination, fantasy, and domestic life; the 5th, ruled by Leo, which relates to obtaining pleasure, extroverted behaviour and creative expression; the 7th, which is ruled by Libra and governs relationships and intimacy; and the 8th, which is ruled by Scorpio and deals with complex issues of lust, religion and death. Uranus in the 8th house, a condition which curses Sara Poiron's chart, implies a violent horrible death in her future. The 12th house is the part of life dealing with disruption and transcendence of the personality during such times as dreaming, psychotic episodes, drug & alcohol overindulgence, and the transferal of souls across the somatic boundaries of reincarnation.

houseguest-someone who stays for a period of days (or weeks) at a residence where he does not pay for rent or utilities. Usually the rent and utilities at the place where a houseguest stays are paid for by friends, relatives or organizations.

house warming party-a disastrous gathering of many people at Big Fun, known at the time as The Temple of Anastasia, for the purpose of launching that venture.

Among the things that happened included a dog being fed hallucinogenic mushrooms and barking at nothing, then shitting repeatedly in the living room; Bad Toast being on LSD and trying to wound the building or at least befriend an unwilling female; Michæl Nace falling in love with the Pegger; Jennn falling in love with Farrell; the contents of the refrigerator being utterly pillaged and consumed; and a very good performance by Drill for Absentee.

huff-to deliberately inhale volatile gasses from a liquid or solid such that the gasses can enter the body and alter consciousness. Most of the substances that are "huffed" are not intended by their manufacturers for this purpose; normally a warning label can be found on the container which cautions that "injury or death may result" from recreational inhalation of the contents.

In the larger society "huffing" is viewed as grossly juvenile, desperate or both. Indeed, even at Big Fun, huffing gets little respect. Nonetheless, a bottle of "rush" (whatever that is) made the rounds one drunken evening on the Big Fun front porch. And whenever spray paint is being put to use, the clouds of fumes soon render light-headed all present.

When Jessika was a child of ten or eleven, she was fond of inhaling a liquid designed for the purpose of cleaning cameras.

Huffanator, the-a pugnacious white supremacist skin head who ironically is now an Afro-American because he failed to repay Sara Poiron some money after swearing on his whiteness she had nothing to fear in loaning him some of her precious cash, followed by his abruptly leaving town.

More recently, the Huffanator appeared at Big Fun looking to beat up Morgan Anarchy, but instead got into a tussle with Matthew Hart after Matthew boldly defended Shira's Jewishness. The Huffanator is very concerned with his honour. When it was learned that some people, particularly Ray and the Gus, were spreading the rumour that Matthew Hart had "kicked the Huffanator's ass," the Huffanator flew into a rage and on Monday, April 22, was observed by an incredulous Jessika as he threw a temper tantrum on top of the fence that runs behind the C & O. That night the Huffanator's promised arrival was extensively prepared for, but he never materialized.

hug-a compulsory greeting and parting ritual amongst the youth of today. It is utterly devoid of meaning, but people continue to do it just as suburbanites continue mowing grass even after they escape to the country.

There are rules concerning hugs. Firstly, if someone is coming at you expecting a hug, you have to hug him, or else you are deliberately trying to humiliate him. If you want a hug, you will probably get one if the context is right, that is if you are about to depart and be gone for a period of at least a day, or if you are returning from an absence of at least a day. Secondly, the hug has no sexual purpose. If you try to make it into something sexual, even with someone you suspect would like a sexually-tinged hug, you're breaking a rule and giving the person whom you are hugging cause to think less of you. Sure, breasts might be poking you, but that has no meaning. Finally, you have to eventually stop hugging, but you can't stop too soon, that's rude. Do you take the initiative to stop the hug, or does the person you're hugging take the initiative? Usually a certain amount of hug-time passes, then one person will start to release and the other person will follow suit unless he lacks that particular social skill, in which case assertiveness is in order.

Hugging orgies can get very complicated when a group of many people is departing from another group of many people. This is because everyone departing must hug everyone they are leaving behind. If ten people are leaving ten people behind, then a hundred hugs will have to take place before the ten are free to go.

There are rebels against the tyranny of the hug (Aquarians all), but even these people are forced to participate in the hugging orgies that typify the departure of large numbers of people. The problem attendant with hugging everyone is that a hug loses its meaning when anyone can get one. It's the same problem that afflicts the word "love" in the hippie world. Hippies claim to love everyone, so when a hippie whispers "I love you" in your ear, he isn't telling you anything you don't already know; in fact, he's saying nothing at all.

hurl-to throw up. This is what Bad Beef claimed he might do upon being deceived that the Gus was a child molester.

hydroencephallatic-someone who has excessive cerebrospinal fluid in his head such that the head itself has been expanded in proportion to the rest of the body. The brain usually suffers some atrophy in a hydroencephallatic. Jessika much prefers the microencephallatic look and has no pity for the plight of the hydroencephallatic.

I'm sayin'-an expression of agreement, usually with an implication that the point being agreed to is an obvious one. Diana the Redhead is the only one who uses this term often, but she uses it all the time.

I am an ancient olive tree-this mysterious phrase is stenciled in large letters on the back of one of Shira's jackets.

I love you-something that is good to tell your friend if you want oral sex from him/her.

I really wish I hadn't'a done that-an expression of regret as one begins to freak out from the use of a recreational drug.

I Think This Once-the name of the Gus' song about Jessika. He was inspired to some extent by the emotional honesty of Zachary's "Rain Gorgeous," though the two songs are completely different. Characteristic of "I Think This Once" is its pairing of self-deprecating lines with lines suggesting sexual activity, for example "I'm over rated and I have bad taste/I think this once we ought to act in haste" "I have no money and I have no name/I think this once we ought not to act tame" and "I have urges that might make you freak out/I think this once we ought to tumble about."

Icecream Parlour, The-this restaurant in downtown Scottsville is a favourite of hungover members of the Big Fun community on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Suddenly they all arrive, looking rough with their crushed spikes, bruises, dirty faces, ripped clothes and glazed eyes. None of them have the constitution for the all-you-can-eat spaghetti platter, but they all, even the vegetarians, consider it briefly. They end up eating greasy french fries and drinking dilute coffee (good coffee is impossible to find in Scottsville) and paying for it with pocket change.

As they consume their food, the Big Fun punk rockers are treated to a rich visual feast of the latest in avante-garde painting: Redneck Impressionism, many works of which hang on the wall.

Some Big Fun types delude themselves into thinking Icecream Parlour waitresses are beautiful, which they are in comparison to the staff of the Luvin Oven.

idiot-someone who waves his hands to the music at a Rusted Root Concert.

There are of course many other symptoms of idiocy with which those in Big Fun have had to contend. Such symptoms vary depending on the idiot and the occasion. The most remarkable of these occasions was the morning of June 26, 1996, when a certain Mr. Shifflet appeared, allegedly to "look at the [Big Fun] floors" he had allegedly installed. He somehow managed to raise Jessika from her sleep by shouting rudely up the stairs. Then he did lots of idiotic things like question her about her septum ring, walk into a bedroom in which Deya and the Gus were lying together pretending to sleep, hand Jessika a penny from the floor while saying "things will start to get better" (complete with a gesture involving one hand held still while the other dipped below it and emerged upward on the other side). He gave Jessika the usual compliment, "you're a fine looking woman," and departed, leaving us to wonder if perhaps we had just been spied upon by one of Althia Hurt's more rough-hewn acquaintances.

Infinity Menudo Policy-in the 80s there was a band of sixteen year old Mexicans called Menudo. Whenever one of the band members had a birthday and turned seventeen, he was kicked out of the band and replaced with yet another sixteen year old Mexican. Ian Svenonius of the Nation of Ulysses and The Make Up apparently once spoke of applying this rule to the Nation of Ulysses, except that the presence of revolutionary zeal, not appropriate age, was the deciding factor in a member's continuation with the band.

One day the Gus did a few things in Charlottesville that Sara found distasteful (among these things was the most egregious of all, "you ignored me") and so, applying her variation of the Infinity Menudo Policy, she kicked him out of Big Fun and found another the Gus, who seemed to be identical in all respects to that which he replaced except that he was less given to pissing off Sara Poiron.

INFP-a Meyers-Briggs personality profile for people who are introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceptive. Such people are said to be "Full of enthusiasms and loyalties, but seldom talk of these until they know you well. Care about learning, ideas, language, and independent projects of their own. Tend to undertake too much, then somehow get it done. Friendly, but often too absorbed in what they are doing to be sociable. Little concerned with possessions or physical surroundings." People in or known to Big Fun with this common profile include the Pegger, Zachary, Theresa Venesian, Jατασyα, Allie Vining, Nathan VanHooser and Janine Jakim.

Information Super Parking Lot-the informal name the Gus gives his portable hard disk drive; this is a take off on the cliché "Information Superhighway" which is the informal name given by Vice President Albert Gore to the Internet.

Integral Yoga-one of those stores that sells organic lentels, bee pollen, ginseng, herbal abortifacients, menstrual period teas, and all manner of such health food/hippie/eastern enlightenment products, as well as compatible literature. The employees have dread locks and nose rings and can tell you all about the good vibes coming from the stuff they are selling. Mellow D is one such employee.

Integral Yoga is apparently controlled in some way by the Swami Satchininanda, who presides from a lotus-shaped temple to all religions not too far out into Buckingham County. The Swami is not pleased when he discovers that an employee or prospective employee of Integral Yoga engages in unhealthy acts such as smoking.

in the house-this expression from the rap world is often used to convey the ideas of "finally here," "surprisingly well provided for" or even "cool." Anyone who has ever attempted to crash parties or get into Trax for free can probably sense the origins of this term.

Internet, the-the international interconnected mass of computers in the world. This sounds like an entity from science fiction, but in fact it has existed since 1969. The Internet is useful in that it is a repository for a vast amount of free and constantly-updated information. With modern web browser software, it is possible to search the Internet, or at least a part of it known as the World Wide Web, for information on any subject. For example, the Gus was able to discover and download the Astrolog program off the Internet when the Malvern Girls expressed a desire for an astrology program. With the help of his homemade portable hard disk drive and using Internet-attached Macintoshes in university computing centers, the Gus is able to move large amounts of information between his home computer in the Shaque, the Big Fun computes, the Internet, and printers.

The Internet creates a system on earth that had previously never existed in which information from any connected computer can rapidly flow to any other connected computer. And there are millions of connected computers. This is like the wiring of neurons in the human brain. And much like the brain, the gestalt of the Internet is far greater than just the sum of its parts. The implications of this are only now being realized. However, what is really going on with the Internet is probably too complex for any one human to ever comprehend.

The Internet is not like other forms of communication. It is inherently anarchistic and devoid of frontiers. People can speak at almost no expense to themselves and say as much and whatever they want, anonymously if they choose, while not knowing who will hear them but assured that anyone could. This troubles people and particularly governments who have come to view the Internet as too capable a means of communication for citizens. As is usual for assaults on liberty, the enemies of the Internet are full of anecdotes of the supposed danger it poses to children. The spectacle of a child seeking information about any subject from anywhere in the world instantly horrifies them. Libraries are bad enough, but that battle had been lost long ago. Religious zealots particularly are of the opinion that children somehow are endowed with an inherent ravishing hunger for pornography. Thus such zealots would empower the government to regulate communications on the Internet and force all discourse on it up to the purity of a Sunday school lesson. Luckily, such attempts (supported by an opportunistic, unvisionary and gutless President Bill Clinton and an even more hopeless Congress) have been overturned in the courts.

INTJ-a Meyers-Briggs personality profile for people who are introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. Such people are said to "Usually have original minds and great drive for their own ideas and purposes. In fields that appeal to them, they have a fine power to organize a job and carry it through with or without help. Skeptical, critical, independent, determined, often stubborn. Must learn to yield less important points in order to win the most important." Josh Smith, Deya, and Chrissy (a friend of Deya and Theresa Venesian's) are the only ones in the Big Fun community known to have this profile.

INTP-a Meyers-Briggs personality profile for people who are introverted, intuitive, thinking and perceptive. Such people are said to be "Quiet, reserved, impersonal. Enjoy especially theoretical or scientific subjects. Logical to the point of hair-splitting. Usually interested mainly in ideas, with little liking for parties or small talk. Tend to have sharply defined interests. Need careers where some strong interest can be used and useful." Jessika is the only one who tests consistently with this profile, though rarely, when they are feeling less extroverted, the Gus and Ray also test this way.

inverted-an upside-down Tarot card during a Tarot reading. An inverted card negates the reading of that card, making what would have otherwise been a positive reading into a negative one.

Isis-this is the most clairvoyant woman resident in the Gathering compound. Following the Jehu End of the World Party, after the evils of the Gus had been contended with, Isis read the future for the Malvern Girls: Peggy would be a mother and Sara would be a teacher. As for Jessika, Isis warned, "watch out...you are too tolerant...you let people use you" (see "natural sign"). Later Isis determined that Jessika would some day be not a brain surgeon, not a lawyer, not President of the United States of America, not a famous Redneck Impressionist artist, not a dish washer, nor a computer programmer, but an actress or a model. That's clairvoyance for you, as deep as the depths of Jessika's skin.

More recently, Isis has developed some sort of fascination with Sara. She visited Big Fun in early May, 1996 and was appalled by the living conditions there. She took one look at Zachary and pronounced him a phony, which wasn't particularly sporting considering that Zach performed music and helped clean up at the Jehu End of the World Party. Isis then proceeded to host both Shira and Sara at a sleepover back at the Gathering compound.

issue-a topic in need of discussion and/or resolution. This term gets much use at Big Fun, and seems to have its origins in the conversational style of Mellow D.

ISTP-a Meyers-Briggs personality profile for people who are introverted, sensing, thinking and perceptive. Such people are said to be "Cool onlookers - quiet, reserved, observing and analyzing life with detached curiosity and unexpected flashes of original humor. Usually interested in impersonal principles, cause and effect, how and why mechanical things work. Exert themselves no more than they think necessary, because any waste of energy would be inefficient." This rare profile was demonstrated by Weirdo Dan, who in May 1996 had been acting as Theresa Venesian's occasional chauffer.

it's all good-this annoying line seems to have been injected into the lexicon of hippie culture by the influence of the band Phish (see "tour"). This phrase is usually said as a pleasant little response to the end of someones spoken paragraph. The only interesting thing to say about "it's all good" is what Kiki said semi-randomly about it while on tussin on May 9th, 1996. He said "It's all good makes the girls crawl."

jackass-someone who has given Sara Poiron, Shira, or Jennn a reason to hold him in contempt.

Jamie Dyer-a well known Charlottesville personality who, before he got a job at Comet.net, could often be found in UVA's Gilmer 109 using the computes to "web up" as folks say these days. Alternatively, Jamie Dyer is an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Jamie also seems to be fairly heterosexual, at least according to the likes of Sara Poiron, a certain eighteen year old Tandem student, and a girl I once spoke with at Jerusalem, among others.

Back when the Malvern Girls first came to Charlottesville and knew practically no one (December 1994), it was Jamie Dyer who ensured they had a place to stay and food in their stomachs.

Jamie Dyer can be reached via e-mail; his address is jamie@comet.net.

Jamie Dyer Cover Band-a fictitious band that supposedly plays covers of Jamie Dyer's original compositions while charging in excess of $20 for admission to their concerts. Crude signs advertising a Jamie Dyer Cover Band concert appeared all over the Downtown Mall one fine day in early January, 1996. It turns out, however, that this was a creative outburst by the Malvern Girls; they'd also put up signs saying "Down with the Gus, he's an evil munchkin!" and "Farrell is Poop" with the "i" in "is" dotted with a little graphic of a bow tie.

Show me what this thing can do, eh?
Jasio, July 1996

Jasio-this, the latest of the boys in black to enter into the world of Big Fun, spices his outrages with a bit of an intellectual flavour. Very unlike his fellow boys in black, he is conversant in computer technology and sensitive to the ways of the artist. He is an accomplished drummer and was, according to Jessika, an excellent stand-in member of Coprolingus during the Nomadic Festival performance in Philadelphia. Previously, Jasio had been living in London, Ontario, where he hosted a visit by Morgan Anarchy in Spring, 1996. For part of the Summer of 1996, Jasio is living in Charlottesville. His vehicle is as anti-establishment as any; it is a Volvo that has been spray painted to resemble the hide of a zebra. Jasio (his name is pronounced "Yosh-ew" or simply "John") can be reached via e-mail; his address is jgasyna@mustang.uwo.ca.
Who'm I gonna hug all night?
Jατασyα, a photograph by Ana Klausmann

Jατασyα Sαnτιμ-this archetypal Pisces is also an archetypal waif. In warm weather she can often be found sitting alone with her jewelry-making equipment all spread out, forging peculiar necklaces out of wire, shells, bells, and the karma of butterflies and nut-bearing trees.

She usually has an idea of who is having a party on any particular night, and if you stick with her, she will arrange for your arrival there. But have no hope that she knows anything about the streets one must drive on to get there; her sense of direction is bogged down in a quagmire of earth and water signs. She has no idea of the relationship between her home in Afton, her school (Nelson County High School), and her preferred social scene (Charlottesville). About the only journey she can make reliably is between the Corner and the Downtown Mall.

When all else fails, she has been known to accompany the Gus and Matthew Hart to Fratville. With her gypsy female charm, she can persuade most frat boys to let both her and her friends into their horrible parties, where, in her odd clothing and jewelry, she is by far the most interesting presence.

After a long night of such things, she can find a place to spend the night; usually the basement guest room of Sundew's house in the Fratville area. But she's perfectly happy sleeping in cars, even one as cramped as the Punch Buggy Green.

At Big Fun, she is often remembered for her more immature Piscean behaviour. For example, one evening at Fontaine she told Sara Poiron "I need a lover," and after her then love-interest, Raphæl, left for the evening, she asked "Who am I going to hug all night?"

Big Fun people pretty much squandered their friendship with Jατασyα; they used third number to rack up a sixty minute phone call to the Gus that cost her $12. Now Jατασyα wants nothing more to do with Big Fun or most of the people living there.

Jατασyα Season-between mid April and mid October, Charlottesville is usually warm and beautiful and Jατασyα can often be found wasting her time in the city's most public places. Boys are wearing their wife beaters and girls are wearing their revealing summer girlie clothes. New mothers look pleasantly distracted as they push their baby carriages up the Downtown Mall and then back again. The older siblings of the mall rats are out of college and in the evening they engage in a little benign competition by bringing their pet snakes to the front of the Paramount. Whoever has the biggest snake wins the coolness prize for the evening. Adult and trendy customers avoid paying cover charges by drinking outside of Millers. If there's someone you don't want to see, you have to walk around Millers on Market Street. This is Jατασyα Season. Thank God you're alive.

Java Hut, the-a coffee house on a cart. Whenever people are on the Mall it is parked in front of Chaps and tended by a number of home-schooling victims such as a certain Waldo and a certain Noah. Their $1 cup is 12 oz. and worth the money.

jeep full'a hunks-jeeps, usually red in colour, that contain short-haired Wahoo-type guys who cruise around looking for cars full'a babes. On May 4, 1996, Shira's car contained Jessika, Shira, Sara, Deya and the Gus and, while yard saling, a red jeep containing three or more hunks was seen in Scottsville. After being repeatedly heckled with shouts of "Jeep Full'a Hunks, Hubba Hubba!" the red jeep pulled over and requested Shira's Cheap Wheels to do likewise. It did not.

Jefferson, the-the principle movie theatre on the Downtown Mall, at least until the big multiplex theatre across from bozART is completed. The Jefferson is staffed by a number of friendly area youths, including the especially friendly "Jesseca," who is a Pisces. In the basement catacombs of the Jefferson is a little-known but wonderful makeshift art gallery where, among the many works, are creations wrought by Fairview Farms' own Nelly. The Jefferson was named after a noted Charlottesville personality who hung out a long time ago.

Jehu End of the World Party-this was an epic party thrown by members of "The Gathering" cult some days prior to Christmas, 1995, at their compound near Schuyler in Nelson County.

Since the only cult member the Big Fun people knew at the time was named "Jehu" and since he was the one (acting under the advice of Farrell) who solicited the Malvern Girls to help cater the party, his name came to be part of the name of the party itself.

The Malvern Girls dressed in their finest in preparation for an evening of refilling champagne fountains and tubs of kielbasa. The party supposedly was attended by all manner of dignitary and royalty, as well as such ruffians as the Gus and Jamie Dyer. While the worst thing Jamie Dyer did was woo beautiful big-lipped women with his sweet voice and agile finger movements upon the strings of an acoustic guitar, the Gus ran around videotaping the cult members and a performance of Zachary and Raphæl. Later, the Gus was asked to leave when it was suspected that he'd stolen several six packs of Christmas Brews.

The Gus' written account of the goings on that night is largely accepted as the way things actually happened.
Destroy all American machines.  If it doesn't have a choke, I don't wanna know 'em.
Jennn at the Jehu End of the World Party, in front of a Nelson County Sheriff's Deputy.

Jennn-when the Malvern Girls decided that they wanted to live in the greater Charlottesville area, it stood to reason that they would be leaving a number of their friends behind. One such friend was Jennn, a Libra.

Jennn was particularly close friends with Sara, but she had a number of character flaws that made being her friend somewhat of an ordeal. Of late, Jennn had come discover boys, and each one she fell in love with she would end up crucifying herself upon (see "Woman Crucified on Man"). The latest such "boy" was Farrell, discovered while visiting Big Fun for the infamous house warming party, and reason enough to visit again in December of 1995. Whenever Farrell was around, Jennn was seen to become quiet and unassuming, unlike her normal outrageousness or depressed crankiness.

Jennn is part of that whole ludicrous Philadelphia Emo scene, and she tends to take both herself, her clothes, and the music she listens to far too seriously. She also is very self conscious about her body (perhaps this is a Libra thing) -for example expressing concern when the much thinner Sara Poiron was rumoured to be wearing her vinyl pants-heaven forbid but Sara might be stretching them! (That was actually a concern she expressed over the telephone.) It would be difficult for an author to create a character with all of Jennn's caricaturish traits without seeming excessive and coming across as unbelievable. But, for example, in Spring of 1996 Jennn really did decide she was no longer interested in a boy, Brian SoCool, after seeing him wearing a flannel shirt. "I have an æsthetic to uphold," she explained.

For all Jennn's ridiculousness and repulsivity, it must be stated however that Sara looks up to Jennn a great deal and accepts her taste in music as the orthodoxy that absolutely must be followed.

Jenny Mothershead-the Gus's closest childhood friend, a Libra, when they both lived in Lanham, Maryland in the early 1970s (from 1970-1976). Jenny and the Gus were fond of playing cards, creating fantasy worlds involving dragons and gum balls, hopscotch setups that went for a quarter of a mile, and an exclusive secret society called the "Prickly Club" which had its own set of secret documents. Jenny and the Gus swore they would be married to each other one day, though of course they had no idea what that really meant.

One day the father of the Gus loaned the bike of the brother of the Gus (the bike of the Don) to Jenny such that she could learn how to ride it. Don became infuriated and accused all parties involved of "stealing my bike." To this day, some 20 years hence, when Don Mueller psychotically jumps up and down and verbally abuses his enemies, he never fails to include Jenny Mothershead, whom he swears he will one day track down and kill. How dare she steal his bike!

Last I heard of Jenny Mothershead, it was 1980 and she was in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jerusalem-what Sara decided to call The Rising Sun Bakery (a sort of bakery/coffee shop on the Corner on 14th street) when Bad Bumpersticker of Higher Grounds told her to stop standing on one of the tables in front of the latter business. Sara took such offense that she renamed Higher Grounds "Poop" and resolved to do no more business there, and that The Rising Sun, ever so much more friendly, was a holy place-a Jerusalem. The boycott of HG did not last long, and neither did the name "Poop." But the term "Jerusalem" has persisted. Jerusalem is one of the few places where you can get a bottomless cup of coffee for a dollar, and that is indeed a beautiful thing.

Despite its hippie atmosphere, the Charlottesville punk scene (as perhaps best exemplified by Big Fun) finds Jerusalem an unpretentious hang out, full of friendly employees. Male punk rockers seem to especially appreciate the attractiveness of a number of Jerusalem's crunchy female employees.

Sociologic Interpretation: Punk rock boys are so used to the scarcity of punk rock girls that they are conditioned to fall in love with girls having strong crunchy tendencies if only one punk rock attribute can be found to justify this attraction, such as the discovery that a crunchy girl has a Superchunk CD. It is important to note, however, that relationships between crunchy girls and punk rock boys can get tiresome for both parties after they get bored with playing, for example, that one Superchunk CD over and over whenever together.

Metaphor Analysis: The term "Jerusalem" has greater metaphoric depth than is apparent on the surface. The Rising Sun Bakery is the site of the convergence of many different social scenes, including doctors and nurses from the UVA hospital, hippie college kids, a few Wahoos, housewives, and Scottsville punks. Such a mix is not unlike the mix of Muslims, Christians, and Jews to be found in Isræl's Jerusalem. The Rising Sun is somewhat less of a powder keg. But only just somewhat.

Jess' Quick Lunch-across and down the street somewhat from Gus' Taverna in Harrisonburg is Jess' Quick Lunch. The food there is of very poor quality. They have big-screen teevees in their dining room and a long overlit bar. The only reason it was discovered is that it is open even when Gus' Taverna is closed.
Jesse, up to no good again, ~Jan. 1996

Jesse-this is one of the boys in black who makes occasional appearances at Big Fun. Jesse is a rather quiet kind of guy who likes to do things. If something particularly outrageous has been done, the likelihood is that it was done by Jesse.

Since Jesse is the only one known to Big Fun in possession of a pickup truck, he is a welcome resource. But tie stuff down and hold on for your life; Jesse's driving style is utterly maniacal.

Jessika Flint of Malvernia-this Malvern Girl decided to leave the suburban Hell and tired associations of Malvern to begin anew in the town where her childhood friend, Jenny Simon, was living. That town was Charlottesville. Existing largely as a waif between a variety of evictions, Jessika still managed to develop a strong web of social connections in the Charlottesville area. Her ability to forge connections is related to her considerable charm and angelic sex appeal, which she skillfully manipulates, especially visa vis new male acquaintances. Almost all boys fall in love with her immediately and deceive themselves into thinking they are going somewhere with her. Only later do they discover what fools they have made of themselves. Matthew Hart and the Gus enjoy watching new guys wreck their ships on Jessika's rocky shores, baited, hooked, but never really set free, by the sheer strength of her eyes. A word of wisdom to all you horny guys out there who are so hopelessly in love with Jessika: why don't you at least try being Jessika's friend before you attempt to convince her to have sex with you? You see, despite all her power, Jessika has a number of weaknesses and even a desire for genuine affection. Her indifference and lack of passion, both Libra traits, are sincere and pervasive but do not have to stand in the way of a deep and meaningful friendship.

Jατασyα reserves special animosity for Jessika, whom she labels a femme fatale. Jατασyα places the blame for the third number phone bill she received (for calls from Big Fun to the Gus) squarely on Jessika.

Jessika is one of the few people who understands the subtle concept of liking something simply because it is arbitrary and unique. With her, there is diabolical poetry to such appreciation. Exemplifying Jessika's bizarre interests along this line are large instances of the lowercase letter "g," mannequin body parts, Wei the Alien, microencephallatic idiots, the Wizard of Oz (or any fragment thereof), and anything coloured blue. Such inclinations may result from her close non-hierarchical relationship with her mother. During Jessika's childhood, her mother was forever inventing fantastic stories to explain ordinary things. Such a sense of fantasy instilled at a young age doubtlessly wires the brain to appreciate things in completely unique ways. Interestingly, Jessika sees similarities between the creative spirit of her mother and that of Deya.

Jessika is an excellent artist, particularly when drawing. She goes through periods in which she does much drawing. She also excels with oil paint, though the medium appears to tax her initiative and she has difficulty completing works. In March 1996, Jessika took a morbid interest in semi-mummified animal remains (a pig, a dog, a cat, a Chicken Hawk), examples of which she began accumulating on Big Fun's front porch and in the shed adjacent to the Aries Pen.

Jessika, from a photo taken 4-96 by Teri Flint and Jessika's self portrait

Jessika and detail of Jessika's neck from photos by Jonathan Hayward taken 6-4-96

Jessika can be contacted via e-mail; her address is uglygirl@hotmail.com.

Jewish-pertaining to the religion or more especially the culture of the Hebrews, an ancient tribe of Semitic people from the region where Africa becomes Asia. Examples of people who are Jewish at least culturally: Shira, Jamie Dyer, Sarah Kleiner, and Steve Weiner.

At Big Fun, being Jewish is seen as cool. This is largely related to the presence of Shira. Sara Poiron has stated that she wishes she was Jewish while Matthew Hart seems to delight in participating in such Jewish rituals as the Seder (a Passover feast). The Gus has gone through periods in his life where he has absorbed much Jewish culture, including rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew, Jewish dietary law, and other Jewish customs. He even spent a week as the only goy not pushing a mop in Manhattan's Jewish Theological Seminary.

jinxed field-the field behind Big Fun. This term refers to the capacity the labyrinth has for arresting the movements of vehicles driven by drunk boys in black, particularly Jesse's truck, Ray's Just Say Kill Car, and numerous Volvos piloted by Raphæl. There was a period during which at least five vehicles were all incapacitated together for a duration of several days.

Joe the Cop-one day in December, 1995, a friendly looking youngish cop, named Joe, came riding up on his bicycle and seemed to be intrigued with all the aspects of Big Fun present at the time on the west end of the Downtown Mall. He was particularly titillated by the sexual possibilities, the unraveling of which he could scarcely conceal as the cogs churned in his mind. He asked us lots of questions, and we felt comfortable to reveal a bit too much to him about such things as our drug use. The Malvern Girls thought he was somehow the first "good cop" they'd ever met. They thought it endearing that he would chant "The Gus, The Gus" at the person with that name from some distance down the Mall.

Of course cops are still cops, and later when Jason Huffman (still for some reason good friends with the Girls at the time) wanted to know if there were any warrants out for his arrest, he simply asked Joe. Sure enough there were warrants, and Jason had to go downtown! But that was just foolishness on Jason's part. A cop still has to do his job, especially when dealing with a dangerous dum dum like Jason.

Jason's father, Carl Huffman, later warned Sara and Jessika about Joe the cop, saying that Joe is a sneaky bastard who befriends people on the Mall simply to gather more information than could otherwise be obtained. Still, what's so sinister about that? You never tell cops about your illegal activities, unless you are stupid. Personally, I think it's nice to have friendly cops around.
Where are the women?
two faces of Johnny Boom Booom Mancini (photo from the early 90s)

Johnny Boom Boom Mancini-this is a good friend of Jessika's who has visited from Malvern. He is described by Jessika as ultimately being a fragile bundle of emotions. Supposedly a Leo, most of the Big Fun astrologers think of him more in terms of the Cancer in his chart. Jessika tells of Johnny Boom Boom crying when he hears Christmas Carols being sung in the wrong season.

Perhaps one of Johnny Boom Boom's most enviable traits is his biting cynicism in the face of idiots. For example, in Lynchburg at the Drill for Absentee Show some middle school girls were bragging to Johnny about water in their vaginas after a bath. That elicited this comment from Johnny Boom Boom (as recalled by Matthew Hart), "I don't care about water coming out of your ass, you stupid little eight year old bitch."

Johnny Boom Boom has added numerous pieces of metal to his clothing through the years, things like safety pins, spikes and rivets. He wears riding spurs on his black boots, and has a number of disturbing piercings in his face. His hair consists of dozens of short bleached dread locks, and he gathers these together with various metal objects. When Matthew Hart, the Gus and Zachary were in a craft store looking at the metal trinkets section, they knew exactly what Johnny Boom Boom would buy should he one day win the lottery. In such a scenario, it should be pointed out, he might not be able to stand up under the weight of his augmented ornamentation.

Johnny Boom Boom is so thoroughly his own person, and so seemingly content in so being, that he developed a real disciple in the person of Matthew Hart, who adopted a number of Johnny's traits, including one of the most difficult: the drinking and appreciation of Wild Irish Rose.

Johnny Boom Boom receives e-mail at johnnyboomboom@hotmail.com.
What's up, man?
Josh, a frame from videotape shot by the Gus, December 1995

Josh Smith-Josh, an Aries, has had a relatively difficult time for the past year or so. Some years ago he ran off to the Carolinas with a sixteen year old girl with whom he lived a crazy bohemian lifestyle of blissful poverty and intrigue, finally marrying her and fathering a child. Then they moved to an apartment off of Hydraulic Road just north of Charlottesville. Josh is a generous person, and soon he had a houseguest staying at his place; this led to a terrible situation and resulted in the end of Josh's marriage. Subsequently, Josh has had to deal with a messy custody battle and malicious self-serving untruths spread by his former wife. He remained for awhile at his apartment off Hydraulic, hosting nightly drinking sprees and many houseguests, including Jason Huffman and the Malvern Girls in the Fall of 1995.

When the Malvern Girls secured Big Fun, Josh Smith moved in and remained there until June of 1996, at which point, because of financial and legal problems resulting from a drunk driving altercation in Norfolk, he found it necessary to leave.

Using the ample facilities of his job at Pixels, Josh can print out remarkable posters, such as his famous Jessika "vanished" poster (3-22-96) featuring a photograph of Jessika and a self portrait of Morgan Anarchy; this was put up all over Charlottesville.

Jupiter-the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in the Solar System. In astrology, position of Jupiter bears on enthusiasm, career, and wisdom. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and to some extent Pisces. Jupiter in Aries, indicative of assertiveness in career choice and initiative in travel, is a common predicament at Big Fun: the Pegger, Jessika and Sara all have this condition. Matthew Hart, Shira, Theresa and Morgan have Jupiter in Gemini, which implies extrovertism and verbosity in career choice. Deya has Jupiter in Taurus, which indicates that her career choice will be based mostly on a goal of financial security. The Gus and Nathan VanHooser have Jupiter in Virgo, which indicates that they would make for good accountants. With Jupiter in Libra, Farrell should be a mediator or perhaps a judge. Cursed with Jupiter in Cancer, it is likely that Jατασyα will be a maternal figure in the career of her choice. Capricorn is one of the better places for Jupiter to be while Scorpio is one of the worst.

just stop!-what the Pegger pleaded everyone around her to do as she tussed hard one December evening. This was a plea for some stability in a tussin-destabilized world spinning within an enormous SHITaki mushroom.

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