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   December 2003

01: despite the brutal exercise - Errands, recent music, Lenny Kravitz, and the doggedly unmasculine nature of the feminine form.
02: a more fundamental computational paradigm - Still doing things the 80s way in 2003.
03: Asscroft's posthumous atonement - The Lackawanna Six, post-modern evil, Paris Hilton, Phil Collins, Eddie Vedder, and small electrical fires.
04: letter from Lodi - I get fanmail from someone responding to a closely-cropped picture in a Stockton, CA newspaper.
05: service at Sears - Their computers purportedly erase unfulfilled orders after a certain amount of time.
06: electrical wires threaded through plumbing - I see how various materials hold up when tugged through twisty-turny copper pipes.
07: human shield - Eleanor is hit by a car and we meet a human shield at a meetup.
08: when restaurants move to Rhinebeck - In the calculus of what to fund, the first victim is the kitchen staff.
09: HGTV's reactionary tilt - Something to do with the fact that homeowners tend to be whiter and wealthier.
10: weight to geographic availability - Sometimes it doesn't matter if your friends are flakes.
11: vinyl demolition - I pull up vinyl and begin making a tile bed in the kitchen.
12: unshowered by a wetsaw - I set tile in the kitchen and experience unexpected geometric luck.
13: plump snakelike rolls - tile editing and grouting for complete idiots.
14: just as easily guide fermenting yeast - Bush's Christianity makes his form of intelligent life look like yeast from a distance. And scrubbing grout out of tile details.
15: truths in the service of lies - Coping with water from a frost-free refrigerator, ipping wood with a wetsaw, and watching Tarantino's Jackie Brown.
16: wine with the Stonehouses - Also, the expense of kitchen faucets and domed houses that rotate.
17: neural monkeywrenches - What to do when you have a bad case of the ho hums.
18: code nostalgia - I look with admiration at the programming achievements I made back in the go-go dotcom epoch.
19: reliable Lego interfaces - Inspired by Legos, I build a coffee cup rack from copper pipe and fittings.
20: Chanukah in Long Island - Gretchen and I visit Linda, her first-cousin-once-removed.
21: Clarence in his Toughskins - Gretchen thinks our cat acts like a kid in the 1970s whose parents made him wear a brand of jeans made by Sears.
22: Legos for uncreative minds - I also say something about that Magical Lubricant that others call Power Bottle.
23: Fashion Green - Russian tradesmen install our new kitchen countertop.
24: another kind of torch - I buy a oxygen-gas welding torch at Home Depot.
25: Jewish Christmas in Kingston - I sip brandy as we watch Bad Santa, a movie we snuck into.
26: I repair a Maytag - A screw backs itself out an entire inch and starts banging into things.
27: ice in the icecaves - Sam's Point in the winter time.
28: molten aluminum - I try torching it with a MAPP gas flame.
29: easy indices - It pays to be consistent and thorough with your data.
30: Eleanor's ankle - The bitch is gimpy yet again.
31: wedding in Amherst - We attend the wedding of another Oberlin alum.