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   January 2004

01: not what we used to be - I read Larson cartoons while in a hungover state.
02: wading robot - I get SpamBouncer working on my site and I remove all the mailto: links.
03: replacing a drafty outhouse - Metaphor for my spam-elimination project.
04: quality default homepages - When you really need a homepage, you can always pick one up at
05: upgrade for my genome - Wishing Microsoft would do it over in closed-source DNA.
06: Achilles Heel of evolved intelligence - Cursing AOL, downloading Nico, seeing an engineer with a mullet, and watching Holes.
07: cold weather Stick Trail project - A metaphor for what means the goal of zero spam might require.
08: examining a chewed cable - A TCP packet can make it through terribly mangled wire so long as it isn't wet.
09: certain low-level gadget lust - I get a four year old Vaio laptop, and temperatures hover at five degrees Fahrenheit.
10: untethered luxury - Doing my usual stuff just about anywhere in the house.
11: hoarders and homemade pizza - From horrifying to delicious in a single day.
12: call waiting trauma - Unable to change emotional states at a moment's notice.
13: pretty junk - A technologic artifact should just work before it gets made into a piece of art.
14: off our game - Frazzled nerves and low blood sugar leave us somewhat handicapped in our fields of expertise.
15: fun new professional projects - Bartering computer services with a radio station and building an adventure weblog.
16: unsoldering ice - I have to use a gas torch to remove a wheel from the Honda Civic.
17: most jarring dislocation - Seeing my newborn nephew-in-law.
18: appropriately indignant - Gretchen's father's car vanishes from its parking spot.
19: old school circumcision - A bris followed by the usual gluttony and crowd dispersal. We end up in a Victorian mansion a hundred and fifty miles away.
20: Froggy and Britney - Radio in central Pennsylvania.
21: Eureka before the bathtub - I figure out how to replace my Vaio's hard drive with a bigger, bootable replacement.
22: Eleanor's AWOL toenail - Our gimpy dog suffers another injury.
23: all about the salad - A dinner at Stella's in Uptown Kingston.
24: waterless - The well pump decides to misbehave and I research PC infrared programs.
25: despite the ridiculous cold - Experiments with snow making, among other things.
26: see the log of songs - I like WinAmp 5.
27: Clippy strokes my penis - Well, not really. Instead, he seems blissfully unaware of how to view a database as a pile of address labels.
28: bed head housecalls - It's probably good to take a nice hot shower before heading out for a day of fixing computers.
29: winter dog walking - Also, a little about the sleepy fowl of George W. Bush's fuckups.
30: hey hey it's a Monkee - We see Peter Tork, former Monkee, at the Towne Crier in Pauling, NY.
31: creeping vegetarianism - A mechanism replacing my sense of deliciousness.