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Wednesday, January 14 2004 [REDACTED]

I spent over five hours up in Saugerties today doing another one of my cowboy electrician jobs. Towards the end there I was suffering from low blood sugar and there was dog there who (though rather friendly) kept barking monotonously as he looked out the door, and he driving me crazy, but "shhhh!" meant nothing to him.
I tried a really clever trick where, using a homemade drillbit made from a sharpened threaded steel rod, I was going to bore a 30 inch hole sideways into a wall to a wall box and then run a cable teevee cable from there into an adjacent room. But the angle of my drilling was just slightly off and I ended up coming out of the drywall at an angle - it was nasty, but I didn't have time to get it right. I decided to just go with it and make the cable emerge from that weird hole and then screw onto the connector on the outside of that box I'd missed.

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