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   creeping vegetarianism
Saturday, January 31 2004 [REDACTED]
It's interesting to note how vegetarianism has crept into my life under Gretchen's influence. When it comes to eating food containing meat (including sea food), I have no one to compare notes with. That's because I don't really hang out with meat eaters any more. And that's because I don't really hang out with people other than Gretchen any more. So when it comes to talking about what is really yummy in the world, the foods are all vegetarian. The effect this has had on me is that I've come to think of these vegetarian dishes as surpassingly delicious. So now when I imagine really treating myself, I don't think about shrimp linguine or a fat alligator po'boy (two dishes I have craved in the past). No, I think about bean and cheese pupusas, aloo gobi, or tempeh reubens. Since the desirability of food is culturally-programmed, I could imagine vegetarianism completely displacing my idea of what is delicious over the course of a few years.

Tonight Gretchen tried to tempt me to going with her to the Rosendale Café with the promise of beer and tempeh reubens, and I would have gone, but then she got distracted watching Pootie Tang on DVD. In the midst of this she also whipped up a quick and delicous meal containing two species pasta, a task that clearly irritated her since it's been my turn to make dinner for many dinners now. Then again, it's been her turn to get out of bed and give Mavis her wet food for many mornings now. O, household chores. Someday hopefully we'll delegate our drudgery to an undocumented alien.

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