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Wednesday, May 19 2004
Regarding Spanish class, my homework habits seem to be only marginally improved over what they were when I was in high school (though maybe not as bad as they were in college). I don't take note of what our assignments are and am forced to ask Gretchen. There's so much homework that I don't complete it all, and the little I do I do at the last minute. There is at least one thing about class that is going better than I expected. I'd feared that my web-nurtured case of adult attention deficit disorder might have ruined my ability to sit through a lecture, but this hasn't proved to be the case. Partly this is because the professor mixes things up and keeps things interesting. But I also suspect that my attention deficit vanishes whenever I'm away from computers. Don't get me wrong, I still have to fight the temptation to be the class clown, a task made all the more imperative from the fact that the professor's sense of humor is completely alien from my own. For example, I made a sentence about a friend being addicted to amphetamines, and she was clearly not amused. I did learn, however, that the Spanish word for drugs is drugas.

This evening I mixed 160 pounds of mortar and completed about eight feet of my covering-the-walkway-with-natural-stones project. The weather was cool and windy, which kept the biting flies under control. I can work outdoors for long periods, but only when they're not around. As I worked I listened to an internet stream of Air America Radio broadcasted out of my micro-FM transmitter (WGUS) and received on the downstairs stereo.

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