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   geometry of the trench
Monday, September 6 2004

setting: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York

It was hard to resist continued work on my trench project, even though we still had houseguests. But Mark likes doing repetitive physical labor (he split a bunch of wood while housesitting in Lake Hill), so he joined me on the project. Together we managed to get the 20 foot long trench on the house's southern end all the way down to the foundation. But I wasn't happy even with that; I wanted to dig out as much as I could on the foundation's subterranean western side. The surface of the western side is completely undisturbed and the trench here actually turns into a cave. I installed a light and a few scraps of lumber to support the earth and give me the confidence to work back there, where the soil seems to be threatening to swallow me completely. Because of the geometry of the trench, I could only use my left hand when reaching around the corner to further expose the western wall. My forearm was soon covered with abrasion injuries from rubbing against the rough surface of the concrete. But at least my right hand was getting a rest, since it was the one most abused during the digging of the southern trench.

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