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   July 2005

01: wetdreams of our homegrown mullahs - More sand at Fording Place and Sandra Day O'Connor announces her retirement.
02: friendly chicken at the vegan pool party - People bring their companion animals, all of which get along with one another like a big peaceable kingdom.
03: Lyme bullseye - I decide the rash on my arm is conclusive evidence of Lyme disease.
04: determination to test the faith - I find a perfect brachiopod on July 4th.
05: my little red toy - Also, someone's red white and blue inflatable yard mattress.
06: Doxycycline day one - I begin to actually do something to address my life threatening illness.
07: Doxycycline day two - The itching is gone and now my intestines are learning to live without bacteria. Also, I see an episode of 30 Days.
08: progress is noise - Why we're never going to recognize the radio noise of advanced alien civilizations.
09: chasing Kathy through the Catskills - The Mountain Culture Festival in Hunter, New York.
10: virtual auto mayhem - Behind the wheel in the game Grand Theft Auto.
11: dog day at the secret spot - A hot day in the Catskill foothills, Gretchen teaches a class, and Six Feet Under.
12: maltruistic - Glad my steering wheel is nothing like a computer keyboard.
13: perfect Puerto Rican bumpersticker - Eating chili with the Tillsons.
14: strategic needs of the moment - And how this alters the reality seen by Republicans.
15: chimed - I finish my door chime project.
16: Grey Fox, 2005 - Second attendance at a Bluegrass festival in rural eastern New York.
17: vegan chili and a movie - It rains, I make chili, and we watch a movie about an architect.
18: pre-suburban age - Thunderstorms and a power outage.
19: castle on a pogo stick - A metaphor for the necessary jujitsu of the Bush administration.
20: steps through the thorny berry canes - The various berries available along a brand new path to the neighbors' pool.
21: Labradors stink and eat - We start house sitting a dog for the weekend.
22: thinking solar - I hatch a plan for heating the household water with the sun.
23: vegans at the Rosendale Street Fair - A street fair with mediocre features in the loveliest village in Ulster County.
24: the edifice I call my ignorance - Complexity so frustrating I want to make stuff out of rocks.
25: 12 foot lumber in a six foot bed - And an application of the Pythagorean Theorem.
26: doctrines and tithes at the Terrapin - An evening in Rhinebeck to see Me, You, and Everyone We Know
27: another evening in the Rhinebeck simulacrum - I hatch a plan for heating the household water with the sun.
28: space ship on the creek bank - What I do when I'm working but not actually on site.
29: one big grandfather clause - Evening on the unlit streets of Tillson.
30: a shonda in High Falls - Also, a goat on a rampage.
31: along their route - Making some new friends at a birthday party.