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   January 2009

01: Big Brother Christians - Listening to the Jesus Geek talking about content filtering for Christians.
02: dragged to the City - Gretchen drags me to a dance performance, and I go dreaming of being Pac Man on the subway map.
03: radical ghosts of the village - We go on a radical walking tour in Greenwich Village.
04: how did they get the releases? - A documentary of Skid Row, Los Angeles, shot with hidden cameras.
05: chainsaw's new engine - Executing a few tricky mechanical steps, I get my Stihl 029 working again.
06: soil like lasagna - Removing shale containing bands of clay from the floor of my greenhouse.
07: bubble known as Modern Man - Further cutting up the windfall across the road.
08: natural dry wood - I find a source of dry wood in the nearby forest to supplement my supply of greener stuff.
09: grocery stores before a storm - From white trash to bourgeois, mobbed with people.
10: last bit of unfinished greenhouse shell - I make a roof measuring only one foot square to seal an odd part of my greenhouse.
11: types of White Pine firewood - Old trees on the ground are actually wetter than freshly-fallen live trees.
12: sad imitation of an action hero - Bush's final news conference.
13: open bar at a car crash - Watching American Idol with a Tivo.
14: sad imitation of a pop hero - Mark Gormley, memetic sensation.
15: technical difficulties - My woodstove spits out a log, the urine plumbing system backs up, and a plane lands in the Hudson.
16: unexpected Verizon dude - A Verizon guy with dread likes who likes to dumpster dive.
17: in search of gluten free pizza dough - We have a good number of friends who seem to think they are allergic to gluten.
18: sweating in the snowy parking lagoon - Listening to podcasts and shoveling through the layers of a half dozen snowstorms.
19: weblog from the 1970s - I put one of my father's old homesteading logs online.
20: replacing a dim bulb - Obama takes over, as viewed from Chelsea, Manhattan, NY.
21: firewood moneypit - Gathering and preparing your own firewood might not actually be all that cost-effective.
22: cookie timepit - Struggling against PHP's notion of cookie scope.
23: first time in the 40s - The weather rises to the point where outdoor work is possible for the first time this year.
24: illness after peak cold - The weather rises to the point where outdoor work is possible for the first time this year.
25: heroin addict kitchen - Our neighbor Andrea brings Gretch and me food and cleans our kitchen during our synchronized illness.
26: ratchet the cargo gradually homeward - Gathering firewood while ill.
27: destructive energy with so little noise - A newer, more powerful electric chainsaw.
28: seeds on the sleet - Another winter storm, another working day in Hurley.
29: hanging out at the mall - Who knew the Hudson Valley Mall could be such fun?
30: on to iPhones - Setting up a Mac Mini so I can develop iPhone applications.
31: emerging music distribution paradigm - A case in point about how I discover the obscure songs of today.