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   February 2009

01: WiFi in the viewscape - A vegan brunch followed by an attempt to get broadband along West Saugerties Road.
02: damn ice! - Trouble from ice dams in an unusual winter.
03: ice dam holiday - Freezing but no sun so no water diverted by the rooftop ice malignancy.
04: leftover product from the Christmas season - A 25 foot 14 guage extension cord and how I attempted to use it to melt the evil ice dam.
05: small essential microwave oven improvement - The premature termination of Beep, Beep, Beeeeeeeeeeep!
06: butch and femme pizzas - Among other things, a miniature sausage party within a pizza party.
07: mental ease of socializing with cats - Kicking back in front of the teevee after a graduation in a prison.
08: crazy clock - I volunteer to fix a clock full of ancient 1970s-era electronics.
09: simple truths of a moral framework - Also, I cut down a mid-sized skeletal dead tree.
10: learning curves both flat and steep - HTML versus Objective C.
11: riot of tiny nanoclimates - Comfortable air for the first time this year.
12: fresh flowing clean floodwater - Indoor runoff in the absence of mud.
13: crazy clock - Yeah, a crazy digital analog clock and the little I did to fix it.
14: possibly-incontinent memoir enthusiasts - Pizza, bad smells, and a surprisingly-good performance of memoir.
15: overly-close turkeys - Hooking up cables at an animal sanctuary.
16: birthday trouser shopping spree - I turn 41 and buy four trousers along 9W north of Kingston, NY.
17: globalizing the American Dream - How YouTube made it possible for a guy on the other side of the planet to become an American rock god.
18: before the demise of the laugh track - Bad waiting room television.
19: improvising as prisoners do - Fixing an unusable computer with a clipboard and a paperclip.
20: mid shelf bowling tequila - Bowling with Penny and David.
21: hoping the 41 year old version will attempt - I begin digging a hole vertically into the shale in the lowest part of the greenhouse floor.
22: more bluestone in the geologic column - I find a layer of bluestone under the shale of my greenhouse's floor.
23: arriving at a learning plateau - I build my first working iPhone application.
24: well in the greenhouse - The hole in my greenhouse floor pokes through the bluestone and hits shale and water.
25: chipping at the horizontal dam - An explanation of my view that the water in my shallow greenhouse well has no immediate relationship to surface runoff.
26: specks of gypsum in my eyes - Holes in the ceiling for a new hydronic heating zone.
27: copper pipe switchback - Getting eight foot long pieces of copper pipe through existing ceiling joists.
28: into carpet from below - Forgetting about clutches and making a small miscalculation regarding spatial relationships.