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Monday, January 12 2009
Stryofoam! Today I finished swaddling the bulk of the above-grade outside of the greenhouse in styrofoam. Styrofoam is a miracle substance in that it is completely inert to biology and can be buried in the ground without concern. It doesn't hold up well to ultraviolet light, but that's an easy evil to protect against, particularly since the sun is the source of ultraviolet light and it's hard to find enough of the sun, at least on our particular parcel of the southeast Catskills.
As I was working in the greenhouse (mostly on loose shale removal), I had the misfortune to hear George W. Bush's final press conference on WAMC, the local National Public Radio affiliate. I know I have a predisposition against the guy, but whenever he didn't sound like he was doing a weak impersonation of an action hero, he sounded like he was in some sort of manic fugue state. "This guy is still the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth!" crossed my mind more than once. When Obama takes charge, it will seem as if some benevolent race of aliens sent down someone to clean up our shit. This is how the mind must deal with the reality that American electoral processes produced a George W[hat the fuck!]. Bush followed by a Barack Hussein Obama.
As an example of what is wrong with the mind of the current president, take (for example) the things he said about Hurricane Katrina. They all involved the newsworthiness of what he himself could have possibly done with Airforce One and a gaggle of reporters, when what was actually needed was an effective system of disaster response that wouldn't have cared had he been on vacation. But alas, he'd appointed cronies to head FEMA. That was the problem. And now, three years on, the problem is his failure to make good on his promises regarding New Orleans, parts of which are going the way of Carthage and downtown Detroit.

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