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Thursday, December 6 2012
Yesterday and today I've been spending a fair amount of time doing professional web development for the company that will make 2012 my most lucrative to date. (Damn right I'm better off than I was four years ago!)
A typical day begins with me feeding the dogs and cats in the morning, starting a fire in the woodstove if the sun isn't shining, fixing myself a cup of black tea, and then sitting down in front of my computer to read the internet. (I read the whole thing every morning, usually beginning with the "Abbreviated Pundit Round-up" on the Daily Kos — like everyone else, my news sources are from within a bubble I've carefully constructed.)
Later in the day, I make myself some sort of food for lunch, throw some more wood in the fire if it's not sunny, and then check the mail if I hear the mail truck drive through.
This afteroon Gretchen taught a one-on-one poetry course to some guy in Woodstock, and while there she picked up a bunch of takeaway from our favorite Chinese restaurant, the Little Bear in Bearsville. We ended up eating ourselves somewhat sick on the stuff. But it was so delicious we couldn't stop. It's not like there is any mystery to why the food from the Little Bear tastes so great. Their sauces are a prefect combination of sugar and grease with just enough brown coloring to lead you to suspect it is something far more nutritious. And there has to be some reason that parts of their pieces of stuffed tofu taste like a stick of butter.

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