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Thursday, December 20 2012
Today brought came back from town with a gallon of slightly purplish light blue paint, the color she decided to use in our newly-refloored first floor office. (For over a year I've been an advocate for painting our interior walls various non-white colors; white paint always ends up looking dreary and drab, particularly in a house that isn't meticulously cleaned on a regular basis.)
Gretchen and I spent much of the afternoon and evening painting the office using that can of paint, being careful the whole time not to drip on the brand new floor. Ideally we would have done all this painting before the flooring was installed, but the actual day of the flooring install hadn't been known until the day before it was done. The painting went quickly with two of us doing it, and it certainly helped that this particular brand of paint (Benjamin Moore Natura, a premium brand aimed at hippies) is highly opaque and only required a single coat when applied with a roller.
I also began the process of restoring the old baseboard trim from the first floor office. Restoring nasty old trim had worked out well when I needed baseboard for the greenhouse upstairs, so I followed a similar protocol when restoring the first floor office's old trim (which was just as nasty and shot through with just as many superfluous nails). I filled all the holes with plastic wood, sanded them smooth, primed them, and then painted glossy white.

This evening I drove into town mostly to return the leaking gallon of antifreeze to Lowes and to buy four non-leaking gallons of antifreeze from Home Depot (each of which I inspected before purchase so as to make sure I avoided a repeat of the statistically-rare-but-still-unpleasant leaking-antifreeze-into-the-car fiasco). I'd decided to go with Home Depot's antifreeze because it is blue, which matches the color of the existing antifreeze in the hydronic pipes. Lowes' antifreeze is red.

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