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Saturday, October 18 2014
This morning, Maresa (of the erstwhile Mark & Maresa) came over to walk her dog Lydia and have girltalk with Gretchen. When they got back, I made a french press of coffee, which we drank in the living room. I think there were a few jokes about ebola in among the stories, including one Maresa told of getting stuck so badly in a ditch in Woodstock that she and her friends had to disassemble a nearby stone wall for fill material.
This evening I got stuck in a git-related voretex. Git is the software version control system that anyone who cares about version control likes best. Mostly it just does its thing without getting in the way, but if you want, it has fractal complexity. For example, it is able to maintain a codebase from multiple separate repositorities. That's great if those repositories have extensible code, but I'd run into problems with the unfamous framework underyling the website of the Los Angeles theatre chain for which I work, which had been designed by the unpleasant gentleman referred to as "Brandon" in my entry from August 15th. He'd written the methods of his frameworks so they explicitly couldn't be overridden, meaning I was stuck with his various design decisions (including one that made all clauses of a MySQL WHERE statement connect via "AND"). Me and Michæl (my Los Angeles contact) spent three hours trying to get our repository all in one place so that submodules no longer pointed to code that couldn't be extended. Git is a great system, but for some reason it doesn't make what we were trying to do an easy thing.

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