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Thursday, February 27 2020
My boss Alex was not at work today, so I was free to work uninterrupted on various things, most of them essential to the mission he has given me. But over the course of the day I began to feel increasingly ill. At first I thought it might just be hangover from last night's overindulgence (which always happens when Gretchen leaves town). But I'd actually been pretty moderate in my consumption of alcohol, so something else was going on. I was definitely coughing more, for one thing, but I also felt weak and unmotivated. The day seemed to drag especially slowly.
At noon I briefly considered walking to the CVS north of the middle of Red Hook, but the weather had become far too cold to do that comfortably, particularly given the state of my health. So I drove instead (taking the scooter would've been punishing). There, I bought a big package of pseudoephedrine, a combination lock for my scooter, and a bag of unhealthy vegetable crisps with the material characteristics of styrofoam (they're better than you'd think).
Later in the day, I grew tired of writing design documents and hacked one of my little Arduino boards so that it showed random strings of characters (I used the modulus operator and millis() to produce what can only be considered pseudorandom numbers). That could be fun; maybe it'll start producing something readable like those monkeys accidentally typing Shakespeare.
On the drive home, I was pretty sure I would not be coming back into work tomorrow. I was definitely sick, and all I really wanted to do when I got home was crawl into bed, but first I had to walk the dogs. Then I had to eat something. There was still leftover bean glurp from who knows how long ago, but it was still good. I ate it while standing directly in front of the woodstove, still chilled from walking the dogs in the forest. At around 7:00pm, I emailed Alex the email that would tell him why my seat would be empty tomorrow.

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