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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Udaipur True Crime Loser Ramona Dog Subaru Teams Slack Microsoft Bush New York State Forestburgh Port Jervis Dug Hill Road Party Gypsy Blanchard Crazy Dave Tibetan Center Yum Washington DC Claws Andrea

February - Javascript PHP Red Hook Hannaford Photon Sullivan County S LEDs Day Valentine Pizza DiBella Lucas Avenue Mexican Cancun Arduino I2C Heights VC Downs Street SQL Pence

March - Qom Iran OTCs Trump Weathertron Austin Hanks Donald Nancy Raspberry Pi DSL

April - Windows Professional Neville TV Spectrum DVR AppleTV PN Wisconsin Jeopardy HBO Bay Hangouts Burgers Wallkill River

May - American Zoom Rheem Ruud Linux Nginx Powerful Fishkill Correctional Facility Server Databases Dia Chrome Nissan Leaf Home Depot EFI ZPass Harbor Breeze

June - Donnie Trumpkins Festival Farm P Envy Black Lives Matter Bentonville Arkansas SPCA D ED Sarah Vegan IR M SD

July - Bitsy Disturbatron Imperfect Foods IY Prius Lake Adirondacks Mountain Tivoli Toyota AccuDraft Comet Neowise Wonderboard Paltz PVC Garden Caf Jupiter

August - Point Chinese Ninth Pond Indians Colonie Cat Terrible Mapelastic AquaDefence Township House Before Times DMV Trumpian

September - Stone Ridge Sunflower Bean Bader Ginsberg

October - North Korea Mussolini Harris YouTube Plaza Jersey Turnpike Hebrew Bulgarian Borat

November - W Dong Witch Dead Burn Barbara OCD Virginia XIVM Albany Joann Fabrics Crafts

December - Ghettoford GreenWorks Decker Panasonic Don Joe Biden Eve Jewish Melissa McCarthy Boxing