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   ability to process alcohol
Wednesday, July 15 2020
Yesterday I'd taken 150 milligrams of pseudoephedrine and done some daydrinking. By my standards, it wasn't much daydrinking, but somehow it managed to be enough to cause intestinal discomfort. Later I ended up drinking only two Stella Artois beers at Alex & Celia's house, and then not drinking at all when I came home. Today, the intestinal comfort continued and was bad enough to make me not really want to do anything. Nevertheless, Alex and I spent a couple hours creating a brilliant Confluence document that specified the way this application we've been building will handle property tax exemptions over time. Soon thereafter, though, I had to lie down in bed. I was could get comfortable on my back, but then when I'd stand up the world would feel disorienting and weird. This experience suggests that recently my ability to process alcohol has undergone some sort of age-related diminishment. I suppose it's possible the change is related to pseudoephedrine and not alcohol. I will have to conduct further experiments to know for sure.
A little before 5:00pm, I made myself a bath, which is always a good idea when I'm experience anything like a hangover.
Later Gretchen and Powerful made spaghetti with red sauce and a side of green beans. By then I had a good appetite and my guts were feeling okay.

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