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   a taker for the jacuzzi tub
Friday, July 31 2020
Gretchen had put the old jacuzzi-style bathtub on Freecycle, where nobody showed any interest. But once put on Craigslist, she got a possible taker. So Powerful and I carried it to the end of the driveway (after I'd first washed away the sawdust; I'd been using it as a sawhorse in the yard). A couple hours later I heard Neville barking his usual "there're suspicious people about" bark, and there they were, a couple who had come in a truck with a little trailer on the back. They liked what they saw, and loaded up the tub. This made me glad I hadn't trimmed off more than a token amount of its top flange to extract it and that I hadn't tried to salvage its electric pump.

At some point this evening, I turned off the household water supply and installed a pair of valves in the new hot and cold water taps for the upstairs tub. Using these, I was able to run some water into the tub and then test the drain for leaks. With a greater volume to drain, leaks did indeed manifest. I'd thought that it wasn't necessary to seal the tops of pipes into which other pipes emptied. But evidently when there's a certain amount of water, it backs up in those pipes and can run out of those tops. This is apparently what those little vinyl rings are supposed to solve, which, as a self-taught plumber, I didn't really know. But now I do.
Gretchen went off by herself to meet Sarah the Vegan for dinner at the Garden Café. Meanwhile, Powerful made himself a huge salad, which he smothered in faux mayonnaise. He also boiled up three faux hot dogs, though he only ate one of them, leaving the other two for me. I ate them with mustard, sauerkraut, and unsatisfactorily-healthy slice of bread.
With the tub now having both working hot & cold water and a non-leaking drain, I could actually take a bath in it. And so that was what I did.

Later I took a recreational 10mg dose of ambien (the first I'd had in months) and went to bed. When Gretchen came in some time later, she found me with a laptop on my chest (playing some YouTube segment), headphones on my head, and one of my hands wrapped tightly around my penis.

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