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Thursday, August 4 2022 [REDACTED]

It looks like Powerful really is leaving for Albany soon. He would've left on Monday, but he'd been at the beginning of a four-day parvo-fighting course that kept him returning to the hospital in Kingston. Yesterday Powerful drove a bunch of his stuff up to the room that his long-suffering landlord left open for him in her apartment (rent-free all this time!). And today, on the the eve of his final departure, he cooked us dinner, which was ready to eat at 4:55pm. He'd put a lot of work into it, deep-frying logs of tofu and breading them with crumbled-up potato chips, making a whole tray of macaroni and cheese, and preparing a pot of rice cooked with corn. He'd also made one of his infamous stir fries, which seem to get worse every time, full of dissonant flavor notes and jarring fusions that simply do not work. The stir fry contained broccoli, some sort of faux chicken, and black beans, cooked with lemon pepper and ginger, and it was pretty fucking terrible. Actually, it was all pretty bad (as Gretchen confirmed after the meal). It was super greasing and unnecessarily rich, and what flavor it had was dissonant and unpleasant.
This evening I went down to the greenhouse to spend the night there. It was a bit hot down there (the day had reached a high of about 100 degrees), but when I opened the window to let a little of the evening chill in, it settled down to an acceptable temperature. And then the diphenhydramine kicked in.

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