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Saturday, August 6 2022

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

I had an unexpectedly nasty hangover after last night's excess drinking, and it took me awhile to get going this morning; I spent more than the usual amount of time on my laptop reading the news and playing the New York Times Spelling Bee (mostly separately from Gretchen, who also playing it back in Hurley). When I finally started doing chores, it was the assembly of the four plastic Adirondack chairs that had arrived yesterday in those flatpacks the UPS guy had delivered. Initially it felt like a lot of work, but I got into the rhythm of it and before too long, I was all done, with only the mountain of cardboard and plastic packing material to deal with.
Then I convinced the dogs to follow me down to the lake. It was such a hot day that Ramona immediately waded into the lake and lay down so that only her head was sticking out. Neville never got in the water, but I dumped a beer can of it on him after I'd first drunk the beer (which I did in the usual way, paddling around on an innertube).
I procrastinated from an important job I wanted to accomplish (more about that in the next paragraph) by continuing to add sand and find gravel to the cracks between stones in the dock's abutment in hopes of firming it up and stopping individual rocks from wobbling when stepped on (even when they just do this a little, it drives me nuts).
I'd brought my big mattock from Hurley, and, once I'd mustered the initiative, I used it to begin the process of evening out the new diagonal section of trail that makes for a direct route to the dock. There are a number of rather extreme undulations in grade of the new trail that I'd thought were masses of rock, but it turned out they're mostly just humps of soil held in place by cages of admittedly tough roots on the surface that it took some work to chop through.
Back at the cabin, I sliced some fresh tomato and jalapeños on a frozen pizza (I didn't have any mushrooms) and had that for dinner. As for the dogs, I've mostly been feeding them leftover dinner that Powerful made the night before he left; neither Gretchen nor I had any interest in eating it ourselves.
I took diphenhydramine and went to bed early.

The state of Ibrahim's A frame today. Click to enlarge.

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