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   September 2023

01: enthusiasm for crickets - My attempt to get the least environmentally-bad dog food in Johnstown makes our dogs happy.
02: forests in need of human management - Apparently some of our neighbors believe that bad things happen when humans fail to manage forests.
03: vegans on Labor Day - Perhaps they should go out to eat like Jews on Christmas.
04: trouble on the way to ratproofing - The Subaru Forester doesn't want to leave the Stewart's in Old Hurley. But I do my ratproofing anyway.
05: auto work in a post office parking space - I don't end up needing to get the Subaru Forester towed.
06: I have an oxygen concentrator - I finally figure out what a piece of medical equipment I've been hoarding is. And it turns out I have pictures of the rats that invaded the Brewster Street rental.
07: only 22.5 inches of foundation wall to insulate - It turns out the cabin is 38 feet long, not 40.
08: a really big piece of granite - I install the last of the foundation insulation and gather stones for a set of steps down near the lake.
09: unbounded wilderness - Gretchen gets hopelessly lost after going to check out some redneck real estate near Hines Pond. But she eventually finds her way back home.
10: filling a wall with stones - Fighting the relentless rats of Brewster Street continues after returning from the cabin on a gently raining day.
11: less paunchy and possibly soon employed - Are things starting to come up Milhouse for me? Maybe!
12: don't buy bulky materials for projects you'll build 'some day' - They'll be in your way for years and you'll forget why you bought them.
13: birdsmouthed brackets - A description of what I did in the garage today while mosquitoes mostly didn't attack me. Also, dinner at the house of some new friends who are successful creative types.
14: covering-the-styrofoam-with-cement-board phase - Fully cladding the west wall of the cabin.
15: completing the odd bits not quite covered - The foundation insulation is fully clad, so now I can mix up some portland cement.
16: a festival in Bleecker - I actually take a right when I drive out onto Route 309 this afternoon.
17: old spray foam cans and UV-destroyed plastic - Taking out all the construction debris after nearly a year of off-and-on foundation insulation.
18: rainbow in Woodstock - Discussing various things over delicious red bean soup.
19: sawdust and leaves - And saying goodbye to a 21 year old handmade cable.
20: rejected at ReStore - They liked the gas range, but the white leather chair looked a bit too shabby.
21: insulating the top of the basement bulkhead - It seems easy enough to install scrap styrofoam around the entire structure.
22: we apparently haven't had insurance - Gretchen goes to refill her prescription and finds that we are actually uninsured.
23: besieged by deer mice - They keep triggering traps without being caught as I wait for my relatives to arive at the cabin.
24: Olivia is probably fine off leash - But my first cousin once removed is too traumatized to ever find out. She and her mother visits us at the cabin and then we drive back to Hurley.
25: fan of thermal masses - One of which is keeping our garage warm through the cold rainy weather.
26: profligate use of poison - Home centers are just catering to people's ignorance when it comes to pests.
27: maybe wrap dead mice in plastic - An idea for a more American kind of mouse trap.
28: shutdown of an unexpected poultry operation - Gretchen calls the building inspector when a bird farming operation next door on Downs Street becomes a nuisance.
29: reunited mice - Deer mice celebrate their being reunited with acts of athleticism. Also, I release a half-dead baby mouse with some bird seed.
30: void beneath the bulkhead stairs - I find a vast space into which I can dispose of my scrap styrofoam.