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Tuesday, September 19 2023
I did a fair amount of sweeping up out in the garage early this afternoon, exposing concrete floor that hadn't had direct air contact in something like a decade. The preonderance of the material I was removing was sawdust, followed by leaves blown in over the course of many Novembers. Later, I did some necessary triage on chunks of steel removed from that car Gretchen totalled back in 2008. I'd assumed I'd be able to repurpose some of the chonkier bits, but I haven't. So I dragged it all out for Gretchen to take to the transfer station. I've even gotten to the point where I am ready to say goodbye to perfectly good cable, including a several hundred foot long combo ethernet/120volt cable I'd made back when we were living in Brooklyn to reach an experimental (and, at the time, very primitive) WiFi hotspot on the roof of her Brooklyn brownstone.

At some point I drove to the Uptown Hannaford (the "Ghettoford") mostly to buy black tea. While there, I also got tostadas, beans, and vegan cold cuts. Then over at the Herzog's across the parking lot I bought two different kinds of live-capture mouse traps to deal with any field mice trapped in the Adirondack cabin.

When Gretchen got home after her long day teaching two different prison classes, she told me how those had gone. Most of the output of her students is pretty weak, but one of her students had written a poem in Spanish that she thought was excellent in that language and also in translation. Gretchen also had stories about some troublesome white guys in one of her classes (in prison, white guys are usually worse human beings, because it takes so much more for them to wind up in prison). She also told me about further trouble in her brother's family's life. [REDACTED]

[REDACTED] Gretchen mentioned that I seemed lighter (I suppose she meant "mentally healthier") these days now that I am unemployed. Evidently that job I'd had had taken a psychic toll, or so it seems to Gretchen in retrospect.

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