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   completing the odd bits not quite covered
Friday, September 15 2023

location: 800 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

After an abbreviated coffee-with-Spelling-Bee morning, I went out and resumed work on the cladding of the styrofoam on the cabin's foundation wall. I completed the little left to be done on the north wall (from the Bilco doors to the west corner) so quickly that I continued with the little left, the final southmost ten feet on the east wall. And, just like that, the cladding phase of the project was done. Mind you, there were still a few bits of cladding still to go in adjacent to the northeast corner and the west side of the Bilco doors. But I went on to do that work as well just so I could start putting away the tools (such as "the fucked saw") and supplies (which somehow included two full sheets of unused Wonderboard and big scraps of Durock) I'd used for earlier phases of the project.
In the mid-afternoon, I managed to convince the dogs to come with me down to the lake, and I then took Ramona for a ride in the canoe. As I often do, I let her off at the beaver dam and thought she would walk back to the dock on the trail. But when I shoved off from the dam to paddle that way myself, Ramona got in the water and started swimming after me. I pulled over and let her into the canoe. She later sunned herself with Neville on the dock, though I noticed she was shivering. She does that due to nerves sometimes, though this time she might've actually been cold; temperatures were in the low 70s at best.
Back at the cabin, I mixed up some portland cement and began work on the next phase of the foundation insulation project: completing the odd bits not quite covered by the cladding. The biggest omissions at this point were around the basement windows, which looked out through a layer cake of insulation and cement board. I covered this cross section with mesh tape and then slathered on copious amounts of wet cement, shaping it somewhat so it wouldn't look like a sandcastle built by an orangutan.

The dogs on the dock this afternoon. Click to enlarge.

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