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   December 1996

01: December 1, 1996, Sunday-Needlework digitized - Jessika and Gus continue their game of mutual avoidance, except he phones her.
02: December 2, 1996, Monday-Grungy Xeroxes and No Vino - I hate losing things like paint brushes and sleep.
03: December 3, 1996, Tuesday-the endeavour to keep flowers in a jar - A metaphoric discourse on hopeless issues of the heart.
04: December 4, 1996, Wednesday-melodrama with two Italian sisters - Relationship troubles plague one sister while another acts as a therapist.
05: December 5, 1996, Thursday-A Dodge Dart in Snow - Also, revisiting some troubles that won't go away concerning slacker friends.
06: December 6, 1996, Friday-Liberatingly Pathetic - Also, revisiting some troubles that won't go away concerning slacker friends.
07: December 7, 1996, Saturday-the Party for the Happy Ones - They gather in their finery while about them the rude light reveals hidden truths.
08: December 8, 1996, Sunday-the starkness of winter's isolation - When we cut ourselves off from all we have, can we really expect immediate joy?
09: December 9, 1996, Monday-the chore of Masturbation - Not now, that part of my body, I have a headache.
10: December 10, 1996, Tuesday-the first to get pink flamingos - They thought they were on the cutting edge.
11: December 11, 1996, Wednesday-the positive feedback loop of social approval - Sometimes the mere exchange of expressions can haunt me for days.
12: The fall of useless horses - How events can stabilize from numbingly bad to simply boring.
13: A paucity of real-world interactions - Upon finding life's purpose in cyberspace, what then of this world of eating, drinking and making love?
14: A Tragic Absence in the Life of World Travelers - The man who hitch hikes through West Virginia is nothing like the girl with clean hair on a flight to Hamburg.
15: Work-Sleep-Work - There is no life outside the workplace.
16: Missing - Among other things, a little silliness with Jen Fariello.
17: The Everpresent Macarena - Views on Walmart and the minimum wage and strange dreams of intoxication in the workplace.
18: Drinking and Driving in Charlottesville - Tooling around Charlottesville with a ketchup bottle of vino in my hand.
19: From the Reserves - Suddenly I find myself putting in a day of work.
20: Twenty Dollar Crisis - There is no room for the rational mind when dealing with issues of jealousy.
21: a firewall against hate - Normally events like those yesterday would leave me with nascent feelings misogyny. Not this time.
22: Charlottesville picobrewery - Nathan VanHooser gets a little help from me in the brewing of beer at his little house on Little High Street.
23: news of punk rock carnage - Post Big Fun society is rocked by a car crash.
24: what makes for qualitative music theory - My views on the current state of my pathetic musicianship.
25: Paranoia in a Pear Tree - A pleasant stab at Christmas followed by harsh and noisy live music in the house of a paranoid redneck.
26: the burden of being human - A few thoughts on what to expect from a hairless anthropoid ape in the 1990s.
27: watching paint dry - Adventures mostly dictated by the speed with which acrylic paint dries in cool humid conditions.
28: a little interfacing - I stay up late into the afternoon and sleep even past midnight.
29: my tendencies for obsession - If I motivate myself to do something at all, chances are good that I will at some point develop an obsession.
30: power and control and expression - When I say what I say does it curtail my ability to say something else later?
31: punk rock new years 97 - broken glass, Carlo Rossi Paisano, Beast Ice, cops and kisses