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   December 1, 1996, Sunday-Needlework digitized
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December 1996 index
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December 1, 1996, Sunday

I re-organized my musings today so that each day gets its own web page. This will have several positive effects. Firstly, the musings will now load much faster. Secondly, I will be able to edit the musings on those cheap text editors that only handle 32K. Best of all, each page will be submitted to all the search engines immediately after creation, making them instantly relevant to the big world that doesn't know of my musings. The book keeping connected with creating a new page each and every time I want to write a new entry shouldn't be too complex. Let's see if I can handle it.

I only slept about an hour after work. That's pathetic. There are too many things going on in my head. The weather is's maybe sixty degrees and raining. That's the warmest it's been in awhile.

So here I am at Cocke Hall, knowing no one can distract me from what I have to do. The time is 3:30pm. I'm tidying up some loose ends left over from the restructuring of these musings. I'm also adding some knew tricks. For example, try going to the future and from there hop off to the latest entry. One of those pages holds an autoloading HREF to the most current musings that I can hop to from anywhere, while only having to keep that one page current with the location of the latest musings.

There's some big guy who wants to be all punk with his piercings and flattened mohawk who keeps walking past me ever now and then to get to the printer. He stinks of cigarettes and this constant unwanted exposure is irritating my eyes.

I went home and at around 5pm took a nap that I assumed would last only a couple of hours, but no, it went until 11pm. I went to the Corner to see if I could find Jessika working at the Rising Sun Bakery but the place was closed. So I went to Comet and actually called from one of the may phones there.

Yes, she'd worked at the RSB, but she didn't visit me because she thought I didn't want anyone to visit me. She gave as an example my apparent discomfort on Friday night. But, as I quickly pointed out, it would be difficult for a sober person who will have to go to work to cheerily receive a bunch of drunks. She was annoyed by other things, mostly things in the musings, like one occasion where I crossed out relationship in regard to her. I had a really unsatisfied feeling after the conversation, but it served the purpose of me telling her I'm not avoiding her.

As for Deya, well she sent me an empty e-mail message. I think that about sums it up.

Here at Comet I made some headway grabbing audio off some of my videotapes. The other night my audio grabs had been poisoned with noise. This time, using different inputs on a different Mac, I got a good clean recording of Needlework's "Riot" (which is maybe 2 minutes long). I still have to figure how to add it to the Big Fun Glossary for your multi-media pleasure. I also need a more capable machine to grab the much longer Rain Gorgeous.

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