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   June 1999

01: June gloom - Typical June weather.
02: dealing with boys - It's tough for a girl to run a meeting with a couple of immature programmer guys.
03: truth tables - Truth tables at work and Saving Private Ryan.
04: hallmarks of a lousy veterinarian - Kim's vet's condescending attitude when explaining pancreatitis, as well as some stuff about workplace social dynamics.
05: auto - Automatic aphorisms.
06: shopping sprees - I blow money for the hell of it.
07: idiotic floppy drives - They move all their actuators and look for media even when there's no floppy disk in them.
08: champagne in the workplace - The company funding comes through. Also a review of Sex and Zen.
09: increasingly familiar airplanes - Watching planes on the bike ride home and as they fly over my Ocean Beach home.
10: is your name Gus? - A fan ecounters me in Gordon Biersch.
11: new use for Liquid Paper - The Mayor of Cape May tells about his dissolute adolescence.
12: ten miles from a palm tree - The Mayor of Cape May tells about his dissolute adolescence.
13: I'm a freak of nature - The moles in my armpits are actually nipples.
14: Monday mornings miserable - More disgust with the company cheer.
15: the very worst jobs - Doing marketing web work and a review of Buffalo 66.
16: exhausted by the tortures - Another mouth sore and I don't want to talk about it.
17: little girlfriends - A barbecue at the Web Developer Eric's place.
18: giving dogs their bones - Ribs prove popular with the dogs at an impromptu apartment complex barbecue.
19: the corporation's needs - I go out of the way to fulfill a corporate commitment.
20: more about a pot of beans - Joe doesn't say much about a fishing adventure.
21: anyone ever delivers anything - Kim throws a jealous fit when I like a film recommended by the blond neighbor girl.
22: if these people dressed nicer - What makes Old Town, San Diego, into just another dismal tourist trap.
23: green parrots of Ocean Beach - They scream murderously from palm trees into the San Diego fog.
24: Velvet Goldmine - A lame documentary of 70s Brit-pop.
25: only for the ladies - The Gordon Biersch brewpub environment is cultivated to encourage women and discourage men.
26: Ocean Beach festivities - Drinking all day long during the Newport Street Fair.
27: Kim does HTML - Drinking all day long during the Newport Street Fair.
28: corporate insanity - An internet startup under orders to delude itself.
29: bosses a'snappin' - Under the incredible pressure, one of the VPs says some very stupid things.
30: Kim's birthday - Kim turns 29 on a conventional Wednesday night.