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Thursday, March 9 2000
During the recent Virginia Republican primary, my parents and brother all went to the polls acting as those creatures George W. Bush warned you about, Democrats intent on mischief. While I can understand my parents' vote for McCain, I'm still having difficulty imagining why exactly it was that my brother voted for the self-righteous twit Allen Keyes, a man who wouldn't be any more than the creepy guy on the corner were it not for the fact that he's an unexpected freakshow hybrid: a black rightwing nutcase.
Kim and I spent much of our time together cleaning the house and doing laundry, etc. We got on each others' nerves and I exploded a few times, but, as usual, we managed to work things out. Kim reminded me of the fact that moving tops the list when it comes to stress-inducing phenomenon in Homo sapiens.
(I remember back in 2nd Grade when I first moved to the Redneckistani outpost of Staunton from the relatively civilized suburban Washington, DC community of Lanham, Maryland. A fairly popular girl, Sarah Grady, relentlessly picked on me about all sorts of things, especially my atheism and overall unkemptness. One day in frustration I called her a Homo sapien, and she immediately ran off to tell a teacher. A year later, my relationship with Sarah was much improved and stayed that way until I graduated from high school. Indeed, during my puberty I had more than a few sexual fantasies involving her.)
During a phone conversation she had today, Kim sensed that our loan agent was having doubts about the chances for success of our loan application. Consequently, a glum little cloud hung low over our day. Outside the realm of metaphor, the day was exceptional, with clear blue skies, reasonably warm temperatures and the bright sun for which San Diego is famous.

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