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Tuesday, March 21 2000
At a little past six PM, Kim was off at dance class and I got the call from our loan agent. We were approved! Some of the details were being worked out, but we'd somehow made it through the impossible minefield. We evidently had enough of a down payment in our bank accounts just with the thousands we saved and the last few hundreds we'd managed to scratch together. I'd been dubious from the start, but here we were, with out silly dream of home ownership surviving the worst of the battle.
When Kim came home from the dance class, I actually made us a pasta dinner and then we watched the Player. It was brilliant: the first movie I ever saw with a happy ending that didn't condescend to make me feel uplifted.

Me in bed watching the Simpsons tonight (the episode where the Preacher saves Ned Flanders from the baboons). The videocamera used to take this picture in the closet mirrors rests on the bed at a leg-fore-shortening level. Those feet you see are the very same ones famous for repulsing Jenna the German Girl.

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