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Monday, March 13 2000
When I wasn't idly reading Salon articles or taking a bath, I was working mostly on a database design to rotate banners on a freelance site. My design has much of the functionality of the NetGravity ad server system, except it will only take a few days to develop.

The parrots that arrived in Ocean Beach at the beginning of March are much louder than all the other birds. They never speak any words or mock the sounds of their environment. If they're imitating anything, it's the sound of seagulls, but the way the parrots do it is much hoarser and more demanding. This morning while walking Sophie along the beach, I heard a seagull that sounded like a crow. It was flying with something delicious in its beak, shouting a triumphant and partially-muffled "caw! caw! caw!"

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