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   Puritanical baggage
Thursday, June 8 2000 [REDACTED]
Without argument, Kim allowed me to take a bath this evening, never once complaining that I did so behind a locked door and a closed shower curtain. I rejoiced in my privacy and freedom. Perhaps this relationship is going to work out after all! Kim's reward came later in the evening when we went to bed and had a long, delicious sexual adventure.
But before that, as usual, we watched television. There was a show on HBO highlighting the explicitly sexual nature of foreign television programming. I found myself thinking "What with all our idiotic Puritanical baggage, we sure miss out on a lot in this country!" Happily, though, I realized that all of this is changing under the influence of the internet, savior of humanity that it is. Some day, you see, we'll be watching a good fraction of our broadcast video on internet appliances, no longer constrained by borders, broadcast regulations, and sanctimonious attempts to protect the precious children.

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