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   May 2000

01: a dog looks into the uncertain future - Sophie is overjoyed when Kim emerges from the train station after a day's absence in Carlsbad.
02: DSL packaging - A useless internet connectivity package arrives in the mail.
03: West LA key places - A lunchtime search for a place that makes keys.
04: mid-90s poseur bands - Foo Fighters, Bush, those sort of bands, as viewed from May, 2000.
05: cinco de planet alignment - It curses my DSL installation.
06: hubs and wires - I run around buying network equipment, but the result of my work is clean-freak panic attack by Kim.
07: that ILOVEYOU virus thingie - What it must have been like to get infected.
08: if I ever get around to it - The debts of time I owe for my house.
09: eliminate all detours - Get where you need to go, even if it involves driving on the bed of the Los Angeles River.
10: high bandwidth lifestyle - Napster and on-demand CNN via DSL internet.
11: how it breaks down - No time at all for my own things.
12: before Indian was cool - We see some Indians on the street and do sushi on Santa Monica Blvd.
13: the wonderful world of success - VH1 and working for Kim's mom.
14: trail of blood - I follow a mysterious trail of blood.
15: troubled lives of faded rock stars - Kim and I fight while VH1 tells the sorry tales of rock and rollers who've come and gone.
16: mysterious computer illness - Kim's computer is on the fritz for the evening.
17: what they did before rock and roll - Kim and I go to downtown Los Angeles to see The The.
18: Hot Carl - I eat a couple hot Carl Jr. sandwiches near Brentwoood and feel uneasy.
19: Goddess friends - Kim is starting to get some friends, and they happen to be Goddesses.
20: line two - Kim's mom buys a membership to the Unveiled website.
21: West Hollywood hardware - Kim and I visit Anthea in West Hollywood.
22: Party at the Dragonfly - Kim and I party with friends at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. We even play Twister.
23: something of a historical footnote - The growing convenience of MP3s.
24: the good desk - At work, I get a bigger desk, privacy and a spot near a window.
25: German visitor from San Diego - Jenna the German Girl comes to visit.
26: wacky movie about a portal - We see Being John Malcovitch.
27: morning geek patrol - I install some cool stuff at a Santa Monica internet point of presence.
28: Malibu Thai waiter - We run across one of Lisa Latter's friends working in a Malibu Thai restaurant.
29: once the work is done - You're supposed to be wild and crazy and driven in Los Angeles, if you can find the time.
30: MTV & June Gloom - Seasonal spring time California clouds hang over a washed-up television music network.
31: yet another Malvern Girl - My boss hails from Malvern, PA.