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Thursday, May 11 2000
Not very long ago, I was under the illusion that I'd have more free time to do the things that I want to do once I started working for a rational internet company here in the City of the Angels. But it's just not happening. Between Kim's demands regarding the setup of the new house and all the various web jobs I've taken on in an effort to raise money, I have barely enough time to write the little you see in this online journal. It's just as well, I suppose, since nothing of interest is happening in my life. I'm building a killer-app at work and I'm frazzled and stressed out at home. That's pretty much how it breaks down.
Kim's mother is on the phone every night, wanting to get me to make changes to her infernal site. I put off doing a couple things on it for a few days, and today she called Kim and went completely psycho, reverting to the usual abusive nature that has characterized her relationship with his daughter. Back when she paid me $6000 up front to do web development for her, I knew I was signing myself up for considerable pain and suffering. After all, the Cruella DeVillesque woman has never been satified with any of the work she's ever paid anyone to do for her. Indeed, she ends up suing a good fraction of her contractors. But when we were raising money for our house, we had no real choice but to get her involved. But, as I reminded Kim today, "Thank God she's not on the lease!"

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