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Saturday, May 13 2000
I was in the house all day long working on extra-curricular web projects when I wasn't fighting with my girlfriend. There's a lot of stress in my household over the allocation of my scant free time. I don't know what the solution is; it's part of the price we're paying to live in this house. It would be nice to kick back and relax, casually watch the teevee, go to the mountains or hang out on the beach. But I have even less free time now than when I was working for a kooky internet cult. Welcome to the wonderful world of success! [REDACTED]
When I'm not paying attention to my work, I'm watching the teevee in a little window on my screen. My favorite channel right now is VH1. The Behind the Music series is probably one of the best introductions to American pop culture after the Simpsons.

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