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Tuesday, May 9 2000
At my day job, the application I'm working on is getting the attention few web applications ever get in this wacky "we should have launched it two weeks ago" world. I'm honing it and shining it and eliminating all detours between the things people have in one part and the things they'd want to be looking for in another. I don't know if it's possible to make a dynamic web application work like a well-oiled Swiss watch, but that goal is seeming more attainable every day.
The Los Angeles River, "the Rodney Dangerfield of Rivers" is described in detail. Oddly enough, people have actually proposed using it as a roadbed.
When I was a kid I used to scribble with a pencil all over a piece of paper hoping to fill every triangle of unmarked paper, no matter how small. My pragmatic mind rationalized the effort as making something practical: carbon paper. This was back before the widespread availability of xerox machines. When you've eliminated all the detours, there's nowhere left to go.

During most of the day, Kim was off in the mountains with a photographer dude named Thomas (pronounced Toe-MAHS). She was having her picture taken against such backdrops as waterfalls, rocks, and native California evergreen trees. These photos will eventually find their way into a gallery and onto a web page that Kim and I are planning to make (so we can give people a web address when they ask - and ask they do). [REDACTED]

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